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Yoga Therapy—Breathwork As a Way to Quiet The Mind

If you are an experienced yoga student, you understand the power of breath during asana and the benefits of breathing.

You may also have explored various pranayama techniques—ways of controlling the breath to move energy in the body.

As a Yoga Therapist, knowing various pranayama techniques and how and when to use them is an important tool in helping clients move toward their own healing.

We are all continually learning during our yoga therapy journey, and new questions constantly arise.

How can online learning account for this?

Breathing Deeply’s approach is to provide access to Brandt, our lead teacher, at regularly scheduled, live Q&A sessions.

No question is too simple, or too far-fetched.

In the video below, Brandt responds to a question from a student about kumbhaka, or breath retention, explaining the process and then sharing when it might be used effectively with yoga therapy clients.

Breathing Vs. Meditation For Mental Disorders

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