The Money Question: What Should A Yoga Therapist Charge?

In this segment, Brandt discusses setting hourly rates and clinic pricing for Yoga Therapy.

Brandt: So, what was your question? You were asking about rates?

Student: Yeah, how you guys decide to set your yoga therapy rate.

Brandt: You have two options, but for private rates, I would look at what acupuncturists charge, massage therapists charge, and psychotherapists charge, because, you know, like in New York City, people get $120, or $150, or $200 an hour. You know what I mean?

Student: Yeah.

Brandt: Two hours away, where I live, people get $90. If I went an hour and a half from my house to Vermont, people probably more get $75, as you get away from the cities.

Student: Okay.

Brandt: But, I would like at it that way. And, you know, the other option is something I’m working on now, is doing it in a different style – like a clinic style – where it depends on how much money you need, but where you set up a clinic or a couple clinic days, and you do shorter appointments and charge less. So, I’m going to be giving everyone protocols for that because I’m working on that right now, sort of ironing that out. It’s also a good way to get into the community, you know? So, a lot of other kind of alternative medical professionals work that way, where you have, let’s say, you have two days a week, you have office hours and you charge your full rate, let’s say that’s $90 an hour, and then you have like a clinic day where people can come for half an hour for $30 or whatever, so you’re working with both sets of populations. So, that would be another way to think about it.

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