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Yoga Therapy Foundations Program

Welcome! We are so happy you want to become a Yoga Therapist!

The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program is designed to certify you to work with individuals within the yoga therapy model. Upon completion, you will have the information and skills to work one-on-one with people for a wide range of conditions.

The course will teach you anatomy, philosophy, theory, and how to apply this information and tools in a therapeutic setting. The BDYT Foundations Program is structured to be completed in about one year with an option to continue into our Advanced Yoga Therapy Program offering C-IAYT.

There is also the option to move through at a slower pace, completing when ready. The unique blended online and retreat/residential format allows for schedule flexibility so that people with a variety of life situations can participate.

Yoga Therapy Course Details

The main part of this course will be delivered in 50 lectures online. (see course outline) These classes will be available for you online 24/7, allowing you to take them when it’s most convenient. Each class will include homework to help you integrate and fully understand the information. 

There is a community network for all trainees to ask questions that arise at any time. There are two weekly Q&As with Brandt and two more weekly Q&As with Teaching Assistants that delve deeper into material and questions. These calls provide mentorship and are also a way to stay connected to the BDYT community throughout your studies.

Each class lecture, the community forum, as well as the live sessions will be available to you at any point along the way, so even when you’ve completed the course and are BDYT certified, you may ask questions, re-watch lectures and interact with other students (and Yoga Therapists!).

This yoga therapy program and curriculum is based on years of knowledge and experience as a practicing Yoga Therapist.

  • You will be taught through a Koshic “lens” or framework. The Koshas are how yoga views the human experience.
  • By the end and completion of this program, you will be able to assess any client and teach them techniques for self-healing.
  • You will have a clear grasp of how human anatomy works and be able to apply it in a real-world setting.
  • This course is designed for clinical application, and the teachings come from actual cases.

The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program aims to train people to be clear on how to work with any condition, from lower back pain to arthritis, depression, and anxiety to spiritual connection, in a focused way that has full integrity.


The tuition is $2,995 USD plus three $350 retreats. A payment plan option is available, starting students at $500. Click here for full tuition and payment plan details.

Next Class Starts on September 17

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Why Choose Breathing Deeply?

The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program is taught by its founder, Brandt Passalacqua, a Yoga Therapist with extensive experience in the field.

Brandt has maintained a full-time yoga therapy practice for almost two decades where he has worked successfully with clients with a wide variety of conditions. His down-to-earth approach provides students with proven, real-world applications of ancient yoga therapy concepts.

Brandt is an approachable, compassionate teacher who is invested in his students and their practices. This is the way yoga therapy has traditionally been taught—teacher to student—in a mentoring relationship that goes beyond the formal training model. We are proud to continue in this lineage.

The program’s online availability and the modular format allow students to learn at their own pace and study when and where they choose. Once enrolled, students gain immediate and full access to the course including all pre-recorded online content and live interactive sessions, of which there are several each week to choose from. With 24/7 access to all course materials, students are given the freedom to learn at their own pace, in the setting of their choice, as their schedule allows.

Breathing Deeply encourages both students and graduates to connect, share, and learn from each other. From the start, our program offers students the opportunity to interact consistently with like-minded yogis through live Q&As, an active discussion forum with monthly and daily topics, and our social community network made to facilitate peer engagement, providing connection with intention.

As a community, we are committed to helping others. Sharing the same intention, we seek to become effective healers and work to deepen our practice so that we can provide expertise and guidance to lessen suffering.

Throughout the course, students not only work one-on-one with a Teaching Assistant to guarantee their mastering of the (course)work, they are encouraged to open, lean in, stretch their curiosity, engage in thoughtful conversations, and obtain answers consistently during live Q&A’s (3x’s weekly) with the headteacher and Breathing Deeply founder, Brandt Passalacqua. These sessions allow students to ask questions, share resources and gain expert advice and input.

Outside of the 3 hours of live sessions each week, Brandt is also consistently available for students through our community network, our discussion forums, as well as during our live interactive retreats.

At Breathing Deeply, we believe that mentoring is a critical component of competency-building and that it should continue well past graduation.

Because of this, a unique benefit of training with Breathing Deeply is Yoga Therapist graduates always have a home with us, receiving continued mentorship from colleagues and teachers while working in the field. Being able to help clients with complex issues with the guidance of seasoned Yoga Therapists and experts to infuse and inspire one’s yoga therapy practice is an integral part of clinical success and longevity.

Brandt Passalacqua

Completion and Certification

You may begin and complete this Foundations Program at any time. 
There are four requirements to Breathing Deeply  Yoga Therapy certification:

  1. Completion of all 50 online lectures and coursework
  2. Attendance of three online daylong retreats
  3. Completion of two supervised documented case studies
  4. Passing of a final oral exam catered to your learning style

Yoga Therapy Retreats

There are three retreats as part of the course certification offered live online. Our yoga therapy retreats are an opportunity to go in depth with what you are learning in the course. Each retreat covers a different topic and set of Koshas from our yoga therapy model and frameworks ranging from yoga teachings and practice, Sadhna, and physical assessment with structural analysis. These three retreats are:

  • Healing through the Body and Breath, A Yoga Therapy Perspective #1
  • Healing through the Pranic Body and Conscious Mind, A Yoga Therapy Perspective #2
  • Bliss and Wisdom; Yoga Therapy for the Innermost Self #3


To complete the Foundations Program, students attend 3 foundations online remote retreats. They do not need to be taken in the same year or in any specific order. This allows for students to move through the program at their own pace.

Pay As You Go

The retreats are paid for when students are ready to take the retreat and register. This allows for payments to be spread out over time as students move through the course. Here is the course tuition

3 Daylong Retreats

Foundations Program daylong retreats are offered synchronously online via Zoom. They are led by Brandt and include other aspiring yoga therapists in our global community. We are online from 9am-5pm ET with a break for lunch. Upcoming retreat details and dates can be found here.

Want to Learn More? Check Out Our Information Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.

Foundations Program Path

  • Apply

    Join our family of aspiring Yoga Therapists from all over the globe. Be a part of a diverse group of people who are united by a respect for the positive difference that yoga practice can make in people’s lives, and a desire to help people discover this difference for themselves.

  • Learn At Your Own Pace

    Learn At Your Own Pace

    Take it in. Watch all 52 online lectures at home, with access to the course 24/7.

  • Coursework


    Gain knowledge through coursework, some to be handed in and passed.

  • Attend Live Classes Virtually

    Be mentored by Brandt from start to finish. It’s what makes our school unique. Join live Q&A’s each week (offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) no matter where you are—we’re all together here in our virtual classroom. Absorb the teachings and bring them into the world.

  • Connect With Other Yoga Therapists

    Be a part of our online forum by posting, responding, and participating in our online community. Each of us brings our unique stories, experiences and insights to this program. Sharing them with each other creates a community of learners that continues past graduation and continually supports and strengthens each other.

  • Attend Three Retreats

    Take three retreats, all offered each year. This requirement allows you to either take online distance learning retreats “remote retreats” or three residential weekend retreats in New York. You might even do a combination! To fulfill this requirement, you will need to attend all three retreats remotely, residentially, or a combination of the two. (Advanced students take all retreats live, see below)

  • Work With Clients

    Work With Clients

    You will work with two case studies while being mentored along the way.

  • Final Exam

    Take your final oral exam…don’t worry. You’ll do great!

  • Share Your Work

    Share one of your case studies by presenting it to your Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy community. Let others learn from this work you’ve done.

  • Certification

    Woo Hoo! Receive your Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Certification and serve as a Yoga Therapist.

  • Lifetime Course Access

    Wait, there’s more? Continued mentorship is always available. Breathing Deeply believes that this model is a big piece of supporting ethical Yoga Therapists and it also makes our program special. You always have a home with us.


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Prospective students must have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate to be accepted for enrollment.

Applicants must also have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training from any tradition. If you don’t have this certification yet, Breathing Deeply offers a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program as a “fast track” prerequisite for our Yoga Therapy Foundations Program, which you can register for TODAY.

Still need more information about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy programs? Check out our frequently asked questions.

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Next Class Starts on September 17