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Yoga Therapy Programs:
Frequently Asked Questions

The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy program is based on Structural Yoga Therapy, a system developed by Mukunda Stiles, as well as, a fusion of an Ayurvedic model and a Koshic model looking at the five aspects of the self (physical body, energetic body, conscious and unconscious mind and the bliss body) to assess clients. These are an integral part of the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Programs.

The Foundations Program is part of the Advanced Yoga Therapy Program. It is mostly online for those who want to become Yoga Therapists. The Foundations Program provides you with the basics and is a solid place to start. The residential part of the 875-Hour Advanced Program is a much higher standard certification. Mentoring is provided throughout both programs and beyond graduation.

It depends on where they live and how they choose to work. Many Yoga Therapists run programs at schools, hospitals, rehab centers, etc… The pay varies. In private practice, rates tend to be equivalent to other helping professions (Therapists, Massage Therapists, etc…)


The path toward becoming a C-IAYT begins with the Foundations Program, the residential program is made up of seven eight-day residential retreats (500+ hrs) and a practicum of 160 hours for you to deliver in your own community. This portion is mentored and progress is monitored. Both programs can be taken concurrently or you could stagger the retreats over time. You could complete the program in 2.5 years.   The practicum could be started while you are completing the Advanced Program. For a slower option, you can learn at your own pace, over five or six years. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Admission requirements for the Foundations Program are a 200-hour teacher training certification or equivalent. If you do not have a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training but have yoga and related experience, please see our YTT + Foundations Combined Program. The Advanced Program requires a 200 hour TT or equivalent and one year of teaching experience. The Foundations Program is part of the Advanced Program.

The online portion of the Foundations Program contains 50 sections of lectures and coursework online. In addition there are three live Q&A’s per week. The recommendation is that you attend at least one of the Q&A’s per week via video conference (video + audio on phone or computer) and the times are spread out to cover most schedules (and time zones!). There is also a community aspect in forums with various discussion open to topics of your interest. All you need is video and audio capability. Videos and homework can be viewed/completed at your own pace and viewed multiple times as required.

In the yoga world, there are two large membership organizations. The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) is an organization that accredits yoga therapy programs. The Yoga Alliance is a membership organization for yoga teachers. Breathing Deeply trains and certifies Yoga Therapists. For that reason, we are not affiliated with the Yoga Alliance. If you wish to be a Yoga Therapist the Yoga Alliance and their designations are not relevant to you.

Absolutely. The Breathing Deeply Foundations program gives you the skills and support you need to practice yoga therapy. If you are certified by our school then you have taken the course and have demonstrated the capacity to provide yoga therapy. As of this writing, you may call yourself a Yoga Therapist in the all 50 U.S. states and in Canada.

The Advance Program certifies you as a C-IAYT. It demonstrates your capacity to work with clients with a more thorough knowledge base. The Advanced Program is currently the highest level of education for practicing yoga therapy.

The first level (Foundations Program) is our online program, three retreats, and live sessions. This allows you to use the BDYT Yoga Therapist Certification. It isn’t seen as “hours” but by deduction of the Advanced Program hours lands in the 160-hour range. You can start confidently seeing private clients using this credential and putting your knowledge to work.

Our second level is our 850 Hour Advanced Program – That includes 500 residential hours in Claverack, NY, a 215 hour mentored practicum, and the Foundations Program.

One popular question our applicants ask is whether to take a 500-hour RYT (advanced teacher training) or seek IAYT yoga therapy certification. Click here to read our response.

The foundation program requires two clients. The minimum is six sessions/client (12 sessions total as a minimum). These practicum hours can be done in your area with anyone in need.

Most people take 18-24 months to complete. The fastest one would be able to fully complete our program is 15 months.

Each lesson varies in terms of the content and length. Most run anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, sometimes looking like 30 minutes of lecture and another video/practice that is attached to this lecture material. These are self-paced, so you might schedule yourself to watch one per week or decide on a faster or slower pacing. One of Brandt’s superpowers (which is strongly executed in the foundations course, is his ability to distill ancient broad (sometimes complicated) information into real-life, clear and cohesive concepts.

So, you might decide to put an hour or two into it/week, (watch one lesson and do the corresponding coursework) or you may decide to spend more time on it. One more thing that might be useful is that the practices being taught will likely be woven into your personal practice, so that will take some awareness (and time).

Yes. We currently have several students that live in Canada and will work as Yoga Therapists once they’re certified. (As an aside, we are in the process of expanding our program to offer two levels of training. Both levels (Foundations and Advanced Programs are used internationally.)

The format of the Foundations Program requires you to do three retreats in New York over a weekend (Friday night to Sunday afternoon). They are offered three times/year. We also share these same retreats online (“remotely”), three times per year. It is best to attend retreats live for an optimum experience. The Advanced Program is made up of 7 8-day modules (3 in year 1 and 4 in year 2). These retreats can be taken in any order for your convenience. These seven modules include the three Foundations retreats. See these trainings on the Retreat page on our website or contact us for more information.

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