Meditation Mentor Certification

Meditation Mentor Certification Program

Once enrolled in the Meditation Program, you become eligible to get certified as a Breathing Deeply Meditation Mentor. Joining the Mentor Certification Program might be your plan from the beginning of enrollment, but it is not until you are steeped in the practices that you will really know if your next steps are to teach others in this way. The purpose of becoming a mentor is to be able to spread the practices to a wider audience and help guide students in their own evolution. Transparent, ethical mentors are invaluable in the progress of a mediation student. As a school, we seek to make useful meditation mentoring more accessible so that individuals and communities all over the globe may all benefit from these practices.

Mentor Certification trainees are provided prerecorded lesson material and coursework on the same school platform you have been using. You continue to work on your own sadhana while opening up to different experiences of others. Mentors meet weekly on Q&A’s with Brandt where you open, lean in, stretch and engage in thoughtful conversation about course material and personal practice. Mentors also serve within the Breathing Deeply Mediation Program student community. In this way, Mentors gain valuable experience working with others while being personally supported by Brandt.

Towards completion of the Breathing Deeply Meditation Mentor Certification, graduates are prepared to mentor others on their personal evolutionary path and help them realize their goals and potential. As a Meditation Mentor, you may start a Breathing Deeply Meditation Sangha in your own community. Start with your personal evolution and then share the path with others.

The cost of the Mentor Program (“teacher training”) is $2,000 with a payment plan option to become available soon. *Special pricing for BDYT students available.

Brandt Passalacqua – Creator and Founder

As a Yoga Therapist and seeker, Brandt has been practicing and teaching since 2001. His personal journey serves as an inspiration to countless others and informs his compassionate, humorous, and down-to-earth teaching style.

His teacher shared with him both yoga and tantric meditations as well as text study from various traditions. Brandt’s path, as given to him by his teacher, was to fuse the teachings he was tasked to study into one coherent path. His knowledge has helped thousands move past suffering and towards their fullest potential, and his straightforward, jovial teaching style makes complicated concepts and practices accessible and practical.

Brandt has maintained a private practice for nearly 20 years integrating yoga therapy in the tradition of Krishnamacharya and Structural Yoga Therapy, Medical Massage, a variety of meditation lineages, and plain-old common sense to help people realize their goals. Working with individuals suffering from a wide range of disease and discontent, he serves both as a meditation teacher and Yoga Therapist with an emphasis on finding the most efficient practice/s for an individual’s evolution.

Brandt is dedicated to sharing teachings in a systematized and pragmatic way. He has the ability to share complex concepts in a way that most individuals can use. You will find him candid, relatable, and accessible.

For more info, read “How I Got Here” by Brandt.

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“All practice ends with personal evolution, coupled with surrender, service, and awe.”
– Brandt