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The Birth of Spiritual Desire: Why We Start Meditating
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The Conscious Mind & The Application of The Yoga Sutras to Yoga Therapy
Q&A: Body Dysmorphia, Hormonal Imbalances & Dosha Assessments
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How to Work With Prana as a Yoga Therapist
Yoga Therapy for Trauma and PTSD
Yoga Therapy Q&A: Pitta in Young Men, Children, Pigeon Pose, Osteoporosis & Unknown Conditions
Yoga in Social Work: Benefits, Best Practices, and How to Start
What is the Vijnanamaya kosha? + 3 meditation techniques to help you balance it
Yoga for Cancer Training: Helping Patients and Survivors
Teaching yoga philosophy, non-dualism & desire, healing addiction
Therapeutic Pranayama To Balance The Doshas
Yoga therapy Q&A: Hip Replacements, The Koshas, Acupuncture & Chronic Pain
Yoga for Upper Cross Syndrome: 7 Poses for Fixing the Slouch in Your Neck
Yoga Certification for Occupational Therapists
Anandamaya Kosha: Accessing Bliss Through a Ritualized Yoga Practice