A New Year’s Message From Brandt

New Year Message 2024
Friends in Yoga,

The way we perceive the world is a curious thing. Is it on fire or getting better? Are we facing our challenges or shying away from them? Are we functioning from the present or some altered reality based on past experiences?

The teachings tell us that reality is ultimately timeless. The vibration that started the universe is the one that continues into our current reality. The current moment is both unique and shared with all others. If we allow ourselves to experience it, we will find yoga—the awareness of the present in an unfiltered, raw, beautiful way.

What the teachings don’t talk about is the wars, the health scares, the credit card bills, the complicated relationships, the forest fires, the job choices, the clothes to wear, the dinner reservations, the holidays, the children’s needs, the personal needs, etc, etc, etc…

They do teach us to still the mind so we can see past these things. They don’t tell us what to do, what decisions to make, or how to think about the specifics of our lives.

The beauty of the spiritual teachings that our science is based on is that they don’t have an agenda other than Moksha, the Sanskrit word meaning freedom, OR the state that permits one to see the truth and reality behind the fog of ignorance.

And that’s where we sit as yogis, meditators, as yoga therapists. We do not need to tell people what to do; we do not need to only think about the endless choices we make in our lives – we have faith that as we achieve a clearer view of reality, our choices and actions will align with that reality.

Freedom is the goal of yoga. Freedom is the goal of yoga therapy. Freedom from illness or pain that clouds one’s view. Freedom from mental states that cause suffering and limit our choices. We offer this to ourselves, our clients, and the world. A system of techniques and ideas that allow each one of us to achieve more clarity and freedom in our lives.

How do we know this is possible? Because we’ve looked within and seen it in ourselves.
So, this year, let us commit to the pursuit of Moksha. We do this by practicing ourselves and sharing the practice with others. That’s it, that is all. May we continue our commitment through study, teaching, and bettering ourselves and the world around us in this way.

I am grateful for all of you. I am inspired every day by your work and dedication. May the new year find you and yours easeful, peaceful, and useful.

With great respect and love,

Info Session

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