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Being At Peace With Food:
A Specialized Yoga Therapy Training For Weight Loss

Being At Peace with Food is a holistic approach to weight loss rooted in yoga.

If you are a yoga teacher or therapist, mental health professional, integrative medicine practitioner, or work with clients in health and wellness, this training is for you!

This course will train you to help others find more ease—and less struggle—with their relationship to their body, diet, and food.

  • Are you a therapist listening to clients talk about wanting to lose weight and are looking for a framework that is not simply about food?

  • Are you working with people that are confused about how to eat?

  • Are you wanting to offer a more holistic approach to thinking about diet and body image?

  • Do your yoga students talk to you about their struggles with weight?

  • Are you a yoga therapist looking to advance your skills and receive 30 APD credits for your C-IAYT?

Since 2001 we have been refining and sharing this method to serve those seeking:

  • to change their relationship with food and their bodies

  • to find peace in their body and mind

  • to take off unwanted weight

  • to live in a way that allows them to realize their goals

  • to shed layers both physically and mentally, that no longer serve them

We have seen people move from cycles of suffering to more peace and contentment. Now, we expand this important work by training others in this comprehensive certification program.

Created by Brandt Passalacqua, co-founder of Breathing Deeply and author of Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga, his method has helped thousands of people move past the struggles of dieting, food, and body issues. The Peaceful Weight Loss model is the foundation for the Being At Peace With Food Training.

Being At Peace With Food is a 30-hour self-paced online training that is designed to take approximately 6 months to complete (including the case studies). Details include:

Yoga Asana Basics Program and Evaluation

(Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teachers Are Not Required To Complete The Basics Module)

The yoga basics program will provide lessons to develop skills to teach yoga. The primary goal of this module is to give students basic language skills for yoga asana and pranayama. Through video lectures on how to instruct basic poses with clear languaging, basic teaching skills are learned. Students will be evaluated on their ability to instruct 26 poses and 2 breathing techniques. 

5 Modules

The 5 Modules of Recorded Being At Peace With Food Lectures are the core of the program. Each module contains several lecture and practice videos that clearly present the BAPWF framework and the model to work with clients. Each module also contains a grounding self-practice as well as a longer practice video that serves as an example of what is used with clients.

Live Sessions
The weekly live 1-hour practice sessions and Q&As are led by Joe Simek. The required minimum is to attend six live sessions during the training as students complete modules. However, students are welcome to attend more! (Held weekly on Tuesdays from 1-2 p.m. and Thursdays from 8 – 9:00 p.m. ET via Zoom.) Each session will include: Orientation for new students (first 5 minutes), Dosha balancing practices (movement, breathing, meditation), Skill building partner work, and time for Q&A.
2 Supervised Case Studies
Students will gain the important experience of working with clients as a component of certification. Using the skills and knowledge learned in the modules and refined in live sessions, supervised case studies allow students to test their skills in a real life setting with real world cases. Our teachers will provide feedback along the way, supporting and guiding each student through the process. This experiential part of the course highlights where the learning has taken shape, where students strengths are, and where more attention and proficiency can occur in service of our clients and the work as a whole.
Robust Community Network For Peer Support and Learning
All of the components of this course are housed on our intuitive platform that we call our “Community Network”, a fun and easy-to-use private social media network for Breathing Deeply students. Having everything in one place makes for a seamless learning experience and also connects you to our larger global community in a useful way. All of the course takes place here including where students post assignments, comment on discussion questions, ask questions, share resources, and more. Connecting with peers adds an invaluable piece to learning and mastering the work. Hearing people share their journey with food, weight, and body provides much needed perspective and awareness to meet clients where they are in their process.

Learn Our Unique Approach

  • Four Principles of Letting Go, Awareness, Effort, And Sustainability give us a road map for understanding how to change food relationships.
  • Using targeted Ayurvedic and yogic techniques, we help clients change their mental states before they tackle food changes.
  • With yoga as a guide, we collaborate with clients in making sustainable lifestyle changes such as sleep, snacking, blood sugar levels, and more.

Gain Skills and Experience Through Our Professional Online Training

  • Self-Paced With Structure: 5 Modules featuring over 40 videos of content, weekly live Q&A sessions, and supervised case studies
  • Get Your Certification: Further your yoga education and learn to work with clients to help them change their relationship to food and themselves
  • Global Community: Join our community of like-minded yoga professionals, including therapists and teachers from the yoga world and beyond

How Do I Start?

Apply. Once enrolled, you will:

  • Receive Immediate Access To Course 5 Modules of Video Lectures Through Our Online Learning Platform

  • Learn The Practices And Techniques That Will Teach You How To Work Privately With Weight Loss Clients

  • Engage With Our Amazing Global Community Through Weekly Q&A Sessions And Sharpen Your Client-Interaction Skills With Partner Work

  • Participate In Our Community Through A Social Network To Connect With And Learn From Others Working In This Field

  • Get Real-World Experience By Completing Supervised Case Studies

  • Earn Your Being At Peace Wight Food Certification And Expand Your Services So You Can Help Others

  • Receive 30 APD credits towards C-IAYT (if applicable)

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Earn Your Certification For $1,250 

Meet Our Instructors

Joe Simek,

Joe Simek is a C-IAYT, 500-Hour Level Yoga Teacher, and Co-owner of Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Doylestown, PA. He is one of the first graduates of both the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Foundations and Advanced Programs, and was certified as Peaceful Weight Loss instructor in 2015. Joe is honored to be the lead teacher for Being At Peace With Food, offering lectures, supervising case studies, and facilitating live sessions and community participation.

Brandt Passalacqua,

Brandt is the co-founder and lead teacher of Breathing Deeply. He wrote Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga after overcoming obesity and a life-threatening autoimmune illness. For years, he has worked with clients around weight loss and eating disorders, as well as training teachers in this method. His personal journey serves as an inspiration to countless others and informs his compassionate, humorous, and down-to-earth teaching style. For this course, he leads multiple practice and lecture videos and shares his clinical experience working with clients.

Anna Passalacqua,

Anna is the co-founder of Breathing Deeply. She runs all aspects of the school, program operations, along with some teaching of course modules. In 2008, she and Brandt began offering retreats and workshops together, and have co-created Peaceful Weight Loss inspired programs and trainings over the years. She has offered yoga therapy since 2006 with a focus on weight loss, body image, and eating disorders. For this course, she offers lecture videos and shares her clinical experience working with clients.

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