Meditation Training Course

Meditation Program

Welcome! The Breathing Deeply Meditation Sangha is an online meditation community for yoga seekers. We work with a blend of yoga and tantric techniques both at home, online, and in live interactive Q&A’s. Yoga seekers from any tradition who want to expand and evolve their meditation practice in the yoga context are welcome. No level or experience is required.

Led by Brandt Passalacqua, Yoga Therapist and seeker, Brandt has been practicing and teaching since 2001. His teacher shared with him both yoga and tantric meditations as well as text study from different traditions. Brandt’s main path as given to him by his teacher, was to fuse the teachings he was tasked to study into one coherent path. His teachings have helped thousands move past suffering and towards their fullest potential. Brandt’s straightforward, jovial teaching style makes often difficult to understand concepts and practices accessible and practical.

The Breathing Deeply Meditation Course is offered in two parts: A personal meditation practice course which can be taken as a stand-alone or continue with the meditation teacher training which will give you the ability to form communities and serve as a guide to others. We work with a blend of yoga and tantric techniques to integrate ourselves and move towards a permanently evolved state. 

What will I learn? What is possible?

You can make enormous strides in your own evolution in relatively short periods of time. The teachings presented here are clear and direct. They are not shrouded in mysterious language. If you have been seeking authentic teachings for personal transformation you may have found a home. In this 6 month course, you will move through 3 levels of meditation. The intention is not that each level will be mastered in 6 month’s time, but rather provide students with complete knowledge and comfort with the intent and technique of each practice taught. Of course, you are always welcome to move at a slower pace.

We offer instruction and support for individuals working with all levels of practice. Not all levels must be mastered to live a happy content life. Practices are, however, offered in levels to move us towards complete evolution.

  • Level 1—Grounding and tranquility

  • Level 2—Deeper awareness and pranic activation

  • Level 3—Samadhi and surrender

The method explored has many different techniques divided into 3 general sections or “levels”. Grounding and tranquility orient us to the space of consciousness. We prep our system and bring it into alignment with nature. From here we move into Deeper awareness and pranic activation. Here we do practices that actively change our awareness of consciousness as it appears in our bodies. Finally, we move into practices for Samadhi and Surrender where we allow ourselves to merge with nature and achieve a greater sense of connection.

What is the format of the program?

This program is offered in an online format. Meditation instructions are pre-recorded lessons that are easily and permanently accessible to all members of the sangha. In addition, there is a weekly Q&A session with Brandt (to be expanded as needed) and a dedicated forum for questions and interaction with other students in the community. All of these live Q&A sessions are recorded. Future plans also include monthly online gatherings and the addition of mentors from the teacher training program. There will be accompanying live retreats in Claverack, New York—the first one is scheduled for November 2019.

 On our live calls, we will examine textual context for our practice. Yoga Sutras, Bhakti Sutras, Yoga Vasistha, Yoga Spandakarika, and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra are examples of source texts used. The meditation practices reflect these and use a wide variety of techniques to bring us into full awareness.

What is my time commitment for the program?

This course is designed for householders. It is expected that you may have a family, work, and life responsibilities. The practices offered do not take huge amounts of time. Consistency, however, is extremely important. You can expect to be meditating for 20-40 minutes 1 or 2 times per day. In addition, time for live interactive Q&A calls and self-reflection is highly recommended. We also suggest doing at least one retreat per year. Community practice is important for our personal and collective evolution. Live and online retreat details available soon.

The Meditation Program begins in Summer/Fall 2019 with teacher training to follow.

If you would like to be informed when the course is open for enrollment please add your email here.

Meditation Teacher Training

Once you have completed the meditation course you are eligible for The Breathing Deeply Meditation Teacher Training. The purpose of becoming a teacher is to be able to spread the practices to a wider audience and mentor students in their own practice.

Teacher trainees have prerecorded lesson material and coursework. They are expected to be working on their own sadhna while opening up to different experiences of others. TT’s meet weekly with Brandt for Q&A’s about course material and personal practice. They also serve as mentors within the community for those in the meditation course. In this way, TT’s gain valuable experience working with others with Brandt’s mentorship.

By the end of the Breathing Deeply Meditation Teacher Training, students are prepared to be mentors to others. They may start a BDY Meditation Sangha in their community.