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Hello and warm greetings! If you are here, you likely consider yourself a seeker. We all have our personal path: Seekers of something greater. Seekers of a more fulfilling life. Seekers of expanded consciousness. Seekers of personal spirituality and evolution.

If you can relate to this and are seeking authentic teachings for personal transformation, welcome home.

Who We Are

The Breathing Deeply Meditation School is an online meditation community. Our school is open to all seekers with any experience level or from any tradition looking to expand and evolve their meditation practice.

Through program, process, and community, we work with a blend of yoga and tantric techniques both at home, online, and through consistent live interaction. Designed for householders, our meditation framework is easily understood and accessible through the gift of technology.

The Breathing Deeply Meditation Program is offered in two parts: A stand-alone Personal Meditation Practice Course and if chosen, can be followed by a Meditation Mentor Certification, which gives graduates the ability to guide others on their personal path. Our method divides techniques into three general sections or “levels” of meditation. In each, the teachings are presented clearly and directly, never shrouded in mysterious language. This lets you make enormous strides in a relatively short period of time.

Level 1: Grounding and Tranquility

Learn the essential practices that will prepare your system and bring it into alignment with nature, orienting you into the space of consciousness.

Level 2: Deeper Awareness and Pranic Activation

You will practice techniques that actively change your awareness of consciousness as it appears in your body and expands your sense of who you are and empower your evolution.

Level 3: Samadhi and Surrender

You will bring all the meditation techniques together to integrate yourself into greater consciousness and merge with nature to achieve a greater sense of connection. Ultimately, you are practicing in a way where all of your meditations are continually being worked with while your insights and deeper understanding infuse what each practice brings.

Offered as a 6-month course, the Meditation Program moves you through these three levels the with the intention that each level will be not be mastered in this timeframe, but rather provide you with complete knowledge and comfort with each technique of each practice taught. Students can always move at a slower pace that works for them.

As a Yoga Therapist and seeker, Brandt has been practicing and teaching since 2001. His personal journey serves as an inspiration to countless others and informs his compassionate, humorous, and down-to-earth teaching style.

His teacher shared with him both yoga and tantric meditations as well as text study from various traditions. Brandt’s path, as given to him by his teacher, was to fuse the teachings he was tasked to study into one coherent path. His knowledge has helped thousands move past suffering and towards their fullest potential, and his straightforward, jovial teaching style makes complicated concepts and practices accessible and practical.

Brandt has maintained a private practice for nearly 20 years integrating yoga therapy in the tradition of Krishnamacharya and Structural Yoga Therapy, Medical Massage, a variety of meditation lineages, and plain-old common sense to help people realize their goals. Working with individuals suffering from a wide range of disease and discontent, he serves both as a meditation teacher and Yoga Therapist with an emphasis on finding the most efficient practice/s for an individual’s evolution.

Brandt is dedicated to sharing teachings in a systematized and pragmatic way. He has the ability to share complex concepts in a way that most individuals can use. You will find him candid, relatable, and accessible.

For more info, read “How I Got Here” by Brandt.

The power of a meditation community is immense. Teachers are the bridge that helps you understand practices in the context of living a full, useful, connected life. A community of like-minded people made up of teachers and fellow students is the container that supports your process and propels your practice.

Collective intention leads to great transformation. Sharing experiences and understanding help us all grow in our own practice. Meditation communities are indispensable for one’s personal growth and we are honored to co-create the Breathing Deeply Meditation Community with you.

The Breathing Deeply Meditation Program is offered through an online platform. Meditation instructions are conveniently available as pre-recorded lessons that are easily accessible to all members of the program as it works for their schedules.

Connection happens through live Q&A’s, an online forum, live and online retreats, and through the Breathing Deeply Meditation social network.

The time commitment of this meditation course is designed for householders. It is expected that you have family, work, and/or other life responsibilities, so the practices offered do not take huge amounts of time. Consistency, however, is extremely important. You can expect to be meditating for 20-40 minutes 1 or 2 times per day. In addition, time for live interactive Q&A calls and self-reflection is highly recommended. Monthly sadhana talks and both online and residential meditation retreats are also available throughout the year, encouraging students to delve deeper into practice together.

Breathing Deeply Meditation Retreat

“I have meditated quite a bit and had some ‘big’ universal consciousness type experiences doing so. I tried to integrate them into regular life for about 10-15 years. Once I started studying with Brandt I made more progress with that in one year than in the previous 15 years. I tried different practices and communities but couldn’t find one that I felt comfortable in. I wanted a systematic exploration of techniques within a community to help me stay consistent with my meditation practice, even through big life shifts, when I’d tend to falter in consistency, always to my detriment.”

– Sara

Who Are You?

So many teachers have been trained to teach fantastic yoga classes. They went to yoga school to deepen their practice but there’s something missing. Personal evolution comes through meditation practice. Asana, pranayama, and basic concentration practices are the first steps on what could be a continuous blossoming into our full potential.

We all need teachers and communities to support us in our path. This community and teachings are designed to help you deepen your practice through yoga and tantric techniques. Go beyond stress reduction and mindfulness and learn how to grow your practice while accelerating your personal evolution.

Have you been looking for a meditation home? Or perhaps didn’t even know you were searching until now. We invite you to become a part of a community of like-minded yogis who are interested in supporting each other in evolution. Join the amazing Breathing Deeply Meditation Community.

As a yoga practitioner, your curiosity about the deepening of personal yoga practice is inherent. On this path, you have begun to discover so much. You have experienced more peace and joy in your life and want to know more. Meditation is the most potent practice in yoga. Meditation Is Yoga. Yoga is so much more – a seasoned teacher, a supportive community, with some consistency can take your practice to new levels. Find new areas of love and expansion while staying grounded. We are all meant to know ourselves fully – join this amazing community and be supported in your personal evolution.

You came to meditation seeking something. Maybe it was to find more peace inside yourself? To quell anxiety? To be happier? If you’ve been meditating for a while you know that there is more to meditating than just these reasons. If you’ve been meditating regularly you’ve probably found it useful in some way and if you are reading this, you probably haven’t found your perfect path yet. All meditators need a method, a teacher, and a community. These three components are invaluable, allowing us to be held in our practice while progressing to realize our fullest potential. The Breathing Deeply Program is designed to accelerate your progress with clear teachings and access to teachers within a supportive community. Becoming part of our community, you can know that your evolution is supported. Your questions get answered directly, the teachings are given with clarity, and like-minded students and teachers help each other find their own personal freedom.

No yoga or meditation experience necessary! Honestly, we wish we had started in this school. The Breathing Deeply Meditation Program has streamlined teachings and methods in a way that will allow you to discover the meditative process deeply and efficiently. Our founder and headteacher is experienced working with people from many backgrounds and the teachings presented are accessible for all. We strive to make sure that you are supported and all of your questions are answered as in an integral part of your learning process. Meditation has so many benefits and we want you to have access to everything you need in a simple format. Learn ancient teachings that have been reworked to be suitable for westerners that have work and/or family obligations with a desire to be happier, healthier, and become more realized individuals. Join us in this collective intention.

Next Steps

Register here for the Breathing Deeply Meditation Program and immediately become an integral part of a spiritual community based on personal evolution, transparency, and mutual respect.

You’ll begin with Level 1 techniques for grounding and tranquility and you’ll have the ability to attend a live session with Brandt and other sangha members as early as this week.
The Meditation Program tuition cost is $900 upfront or $325 over three months.

Meditation Mentor Certification

Once enrolled in the Meditation Program, you become eligible to get certified as a Breathing Deeply Meditation Mentor. Joining the Mentor Certification Program might be your plan from the beginning of enrollment, but it is not until you are steeped in the practices that you will really know if your next steps are to teach others in this way.

No matter where your meditation path takes you, all students are encouraged to remain involved in the community even after certification should they choose this offering. We look forward to welcoming you into our meditation school and helping you navigate your path. Click here for more information about the Mentor Certification.

Join us today.

New class begins on April 15, 2020.

Meditation Retreat

This retreat is a chance for intensive meditation practice in an immersive, supportive environment, open to the public and all are welcome to attend.