How to balance the Vijnanamaya Kosha with meditation in yoga therapy

Welcome to episode 71 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and Meditation podcast.

In this episode, learn about the 4th kosha, the Vijnanamaya in the 5 kosha system. This layer of ourselves is usually referred to as our body of wisdom.

This is the layer of our consciousness that sits underneath what we think of as our conscious mind. Often this kosha is associated with our intuition because the wisdom that we receive comes from a deeper place within ourselves which is in connection to the universe. 

When we do practices to balance this kosha, we are doing practices to remove barriers that shield us from the truth of who we are. The primary practice for this is meditation. 

In this episode, you will learn about the Vijnanamaya kosha, what happens when it is out of balance and how we can use meditation practices as yoga therapists to help our clients bring their Vijnanamaya kosha into harmony.

This was a clip taken from inside the Manomaya Kosha Module of our Yoga Therapy Foundations Program.

Our next class starts on the 13th of February 2024:

Om Shanthi

This episode covers:

  • What is the vijnanamaya kosha
  • What happens with this kosha is unbalanced?
  • Meditation as a practice to balance the Vijnanamaya kosha
  • The process of meditation from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The benefits of reaching tranquility states
  • How do we teach meditation as yoga therapists?
  • What we see when this kosha is balanced
Breathing Deeply · How To Balance The Vijnamaya Kosha With Meditation In Yoga Therapy

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