Yoga Therapy Job Opportunities and The Job Market

yoga therapy jobs

Yoga Therapy is a specialized career path in yoga that is steadily growing. Yoga Therapists aren’t as common as Talk Therapists or Physical Therapists, but they have a similar goal in mind. The goal of yoga therapy is to reduce, eliminate, or manage symptoms of suffering whether it be physical or mental.

Pursuing a career in yoga is a rewarding life path for many. Yoga therapy jobs allow individuals to assist in others’ healing processes. Many students wonder what kind of job opportunities there are in yoga therapy.

We’re going to explain what types of yoga therapy jobs are out there and discuss average salary ranges. Read on to learn why a career in yoga could be right for you.

What Can I Do As a Yoga Therapist?

“What are the job opportunities for a Yoga Therapist?” is a common question that we get from prospective students at Breathing Deeply. Here are a few yoga therapy jobs that students can pursue after completing their programs.

Private Practice Yoga Therapists

For years, the primary way to earn a living as a Yoga Therapist was to be in private practice, as yoga therapy clinics are not common. Yoga Therapists often had specialties within the field and clients would seek them out. This is still the case. Many Yoga Therapists work alone as experts in yoga techniques for physical issues, mental health issues, chronic diseases, etc.

Salary for a Private Practice Yoga Therapist

Yoga Therapists who work in private practices have a wide range of fees they charge. Our general impression is that a Yoga Therapist’s salary is in the range of other alternative healthcare providers. 

Experience, of course, can elevate the ability to charge more for services. In major cities, we’ve seen rates from $85-200 per hour. In smaller locations, the bottom of that scale is more the norm with rates dropping to the $60 range in less affluent areas.

Public/Center Yoga Therapists

Now that yoga therapy is gaining acceptance with the public and with more integrative healthcare providers we are seeing job opportunities for Yoga Therapists emerge outside of private practice. 

We have seen Yoga Therapists from our school employed at:

  • Addiction centers
  • Hospital programs (such as cancer centers)
  • Mental health departments
  • Chiropractors offices
  • Wellness centers
  • The V.A. for trauma-sensitive classes
  • School districts

Some of them are working one-on-one and some are running classes for specific condition sets after completing their yoga therapy programs.

Salary for a Public/Center Yoga Therapist

These opportunities at various centers are usually paid hourly. They also are not usually full-time positions. A Yoga Therapist working for a wellness center or in the public health sphere can expect to make anywhere from $50 to $120 per hour.   

We have seen all of these types of positions advertised for which is very encouraging. The fact that institutions and healthcare practices know to ask for a Yoga Therapist is a sign that the field is moving forward and that more and more job opportunities for Yoga Therapists are coming.

As a whole, most Yoga Therapists are entrepreneurial and self-employed. Job opportunities for Yoga Therapists are pieced together and with the addition of private clients, this constitutes the working environment.

While this may seem daunting at first, it does create the ability for a Yoga Therapist to engage in very rewarding work — in a way that suits them. Many students are working in this way and describe their work schedule as working 1-3 days on-site and then filling the rest with yoga therapy private practice sessions and sometimes teaching general yoga classes.

Yoga Therapy Job Market Outlook

The yoga therapy job market outlook is positive. As yoga therapy becomes more popular and its healing effects understood, more positions are being created at public entities like wellness centers and school districts. 

The most encouraging news is that Breathing Deeply is now receiving referral inquiries from healthcare providers for names of Yoga Therapists. These employers are having trouble filling the yoga therapy positions they have available, therefore providing more job opportunities for Yoga Therapists. 

This makes a lot of sense considering how much the field of yoga therapy is gaining recognition and popularity, but the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) has roughly only 6,000 Yoga Therapists holding their certification (C-IAYT).

We see this moment as a very exciting time to enter this emerging field early in its development as becoming a “profession.” We are honored to be an integral part of this new paradigm in wellness by sharing the mission to spread the availability of quality, practical, and ethical yoga therapy.

Become a Yoga Therapist With Breathing Deeply

Are you ready to be a change-maker in this emerging field of yoga therapy? Apply now and start your journey on a new and exciting career path with Breathing Deeply IAYT-accredited courses.

Pursuing a career in yoga therapy is a worthwhile decision for anyone who wants to help people feel their best. Get started today!

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