The Conscious Mind & The Application of The Yoga Sutras to Yoga Therapy

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Welcome to episode 67 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and Meditation podcast.

The Manomaya kosha is the layer of our being that represents the intellect and the conscious mind. This is the level of our conscious thoughts.

The Manomaya kosha is one of the most important koshas, because of the huge effect it has on us. Because the mind is so powerful, it can affect all the other 4 koshas dramatically. We can think of the Manomaya kosha as the pivotal centerpiece in the 5 kosha model. 

This is why, as yoga therapists, it is important to ensure the Manomaya kosha is healthy and balanced through specific practices. 

In this episode, Brandt shares the role the Manomaya Kosha plays in our mental and physical health and the two ways we work with the Manomaya Kosha as yoga therapists. Brandt then takes us on an exploration of chapter one of the yoga sutras and how we can apply the teachings in the yoga sutras to the Manomaya kosha personally and in a therapeutic context.

This was a clip taken from inside the Manomaya Kosha Module of our Yoga Therapy Foundations Program.

Our next class starts on the 16th of November 2023:

Om Shanthi

This episode covers:

  • The role the Manomaya kosha plays
  • How we can take our health back in our hands
  • The placebo effect & the power of the mind and disease
  • The two ways we work with the Manomaya kosha
  • The shame people feel around mental health
  • Chapter one of The Yoga Sutras Chapter One: Higher Samadhi 
  • The yoga sutras from a therapeutic point of view
Breathing Deeply · The Conscious Mind & The Application Of The Yoga Sutras To Yoga Therapy

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