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An Introduction To Being At Peace With Food
How to be trauma sensitive & receive consent as a yoga therapist
Brandt’s Personal Journey & The Creation of Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy
Being at Peace with Food: A Specialized Yoga Therapy Program for Weight Loss
How meditation can help reduce anxiety
Covid recovery, pranayama for anxiety, what are marma points & yoga therapy sequencing
Why do we dream about the past & are following our desires beneficial to our evolution?
Sharing new practices, yoga therapy for yoga therapists, yoga as we age & trust
Working with Clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health
How to find radical balance by harmonizing the koshas & doshas
Conversations with Brandt: Going Beyond Trauma-Informed Yoga
Brandt’s Story, helping a client with PTSD & approaching muscle tics
Working with Clients with Plantar Fasciitis: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
Who Can Benefit from Yoga Therapy?
What can Yoga Therapy treat?
The practice of softening, surrender & non-resistance to change with meditation
The doshas in children, yoga therapy for cancer, and survivors guilt
Conversations with Brandt: The Effects of Yoga Asana
Sequencing, stretching safely, and keeping it simple as yoga therapists
How to Help Yoga Therapy Clients Change Their Habits
Reality re-examined through the path of non-duality
Visualizations in Yoga Nidra & finding faith in yoga therapy
Specializing as a Yoga Therapist: Yoga Therapy Q&A
Yoga Therapy and Depression
How Long Does It Take to Become a Yoga Therapist
Discipline and Surrender – Breathing Deeply Meditation Podcast