Yoga Therapy Q&A: Grief, Depression & Surgeries

grief and yoga therapy

Welcome to episode 70 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and Meditation podcast.

In today’s Q&A, Breathing Deeply founder and lead teacher, Brandt Passalacqua sits down with his students to ask their yoga therapy questions. 

This Q&A has a special emphasis on working with grief, depression and women who have had major surgeries. 

Brandt answers questions covering breathing techniques to support grief, and tips on how to help clients who are grieving including rituals and cultural influences. 

 Brandt also offers advice on approaching someone who has had a double mastectomy and advice on how to help someone struggling with core strength and balance after a hysterectomy.

This clip has been taken from a live Q&A session with Brandt and his yoga therapy students.

We hope you enjoy this Q&A. Let us know in the comments any key takeaways you had and share it with someone you think it may benefit!

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Om Shanthi, Om Peace

This episode covers:

  • How do I teach Brahmana breath for grief?
  • Tips on how to support clients with depression
  • Helping people from different cultures with grief as a yoga therapist
  • The purpose of creating a ritual for grief & what is out of scope for yoga therapists
  • What is the definition of the early stages of grief
  • How to do muscle testing on someone with a double mastectomy?
  • How do I work with someone with core & balance issues from a hysterectomy?
Breathing Deeply · Q&A- Yoga Therapy Tips For Grief & Depression And Working With Complications From Surgeries

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