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Monthly Archives February 2016

5 Reasons To Work With A Yoga Therapist

Yoga therapy is an emerging field. As such, most of the public doesn’t know what a Yoga Therapist is or why they would want to work with one. You may ask yourself, what is yoga therapy and what does a Yoga Therapist do? I thought I’d do my part and write the top reasons to work with a Yoga Therapist.

1) Head To Toe Thinking
For physical concerns, Yoga Therapists are trained to think about the whole body. In a world full of never-ending specialization, Yoga Therapists are uniquely positioned to see connections that others may miss. In practice, this often involves strengthening or stretching structures seemingly unrelated to one another. The result is a whole body approach to healing that often has amazing results.

2) Time
Yoga therapy sessions are often an hour, sometimes more. Unlike healing professions that are constrained to short sessions because of insurance and other factors, Yoga Therapists have the time needed to take in your full story. It makes us well positioned to see connections that others simply don’t have the time to make. Sometimes we not only need practices to help heal us, we also need someone to help us connect the dots in our daily life. Are we getting enough sleep? Do we need to re-think our medications? Are we unknowingly creating stressors that can be cut out? A Yoga Therapist is able to take in your entire picture and help you make beneficial shifts that others often miss.

3) Education Not Dependence
The goal of the Yoga Therapist is to educate people so that they may heal themselves. Working with a Yoga Therapist should leave a client feeling empowered to self-assess as part of their healing process. Independence from the Yoga Therapist is the goal.

4) Commitment To Relationship
Yoga is relationship. Yoga Therapists understand that relationship is a key part of any healing process. This mostly applies to our relationship with ourselves, but it also applies to the therapist/client relationship. A Yoga Therapist is a friend on the path entrusted with a certain role and a good therapist is committed to a relationship that benefits all involved. When working with a Yoga Therapist, a client should always feel on equal ground within the confines of healthy boundaries.

5) One Stop Shopping
Yoga therapy is interested in all aspects of the self: the physical body, pranic body, mental states and emotions, the unconscious workings of the mind, the heart and its connection to all. Yoga Therapists are trained in practices to facilitate healing connection and balance within all of these parts. For many, this holistic approach can alleviate suffering across the spectrum of their experience. This may eliminate or reduce the need to obtain help from different individuals which is often important since the cost in both money and time can be overwhelming, especially when working with chronic conditions such as sciatica, arthritis or scoliosis to name a few.

There are, of course, many more reasons to work with a Yoga Therapist and you can read about how it differs from physical therapy here! May this short list inspire you to continue your healing with yoga therapy and please spread the word by sharing this writing.

May the healing power of yoga continue to spread,


Interested in helping others as a therapist? Check out Breathing Deeply yoga therapy training and certification options.

How Yoga Nidra Saved Me From A Life Threatening Illness (Brandt’s Story)


I was 30 years old, 100 pounds overweight and a very skilled four-pack-a-day smoker.

As a touring musician, this kind of lifestyle was supported. One day I was home doing some renovations and the next I was in intensive care with a rare autoimmune illness that was killing my red blood cells.

I was a mess, and the prognosis was grim. I was well enough to not be in the hospital, so eventually I was sent home—only my doctor expected me back in the hospital within a short period of time.

Instead of being sad about this reality, however, it inspired me. I began researching alternative healing options. My friend sent me to a yoga class where I met a really great teacher who explained to me the power of lying still.

She taught me Yoga Nidra that day, and I was convinced that it saved my life.

That was over 15 years ago. I am now a (healthy) full-time Yoga Therapist. I have a few different intellectual reasons why Yoga Nidra saved my life but I think I’m better off bringing myself back in time and remembering the feeling of just lying there, completely relaxed and blissful, allowing the world to work on me like the most skilled surgeon might.

Now I work with individuals suffering from a wide variety of diseases including obesity, eating disorders, acute and chronic physical complaints, chronic diseases, and mental conditions.

Read more about Brandt’s story in his “How I Got Here” blog post. 

In addition, I created the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy training programs so others can now to do the same. If you’re also interested in helping others heal themselves, click here to learn more about our Yoga Therapy programs.

Note: the full article was originally posted in Elephant Journal here.

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