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why we start meditating
The Birth of Spiritual Desire: Why We Start Meditating
Studying Philosophy, Student Questions & Working as a Meditation Mentor
yoga sutras
The Conscious Mind & The Application of The Yoga Sutras to Yoga Therapy
body dismorphia
Q&A: Body Dysmorphia, Hormonal Imbalances & Dosha Assessments
kosha balancing yoga
How To Live Life Fully Through Regular Kosha Balancing Yoga Practices
personal practice meditation
The Importance Of Personal Practice For Meditation Teachers
How to work with prana as a yoga therapist
How to Work With Prana as a Yoga Therapist
Yoga therapy Q&A: Osteoperosis
Yoga Therapy Q&A: Pitta in Young Men, Children, Pigeon Pose, Osteoporosis & Unknown Conditions
vijnanamaya kosha
What is the Vijnanamaya kosha? + 3 meditation techniques to help you balance it
Teaching Yoga Philosophy
Teaching yoga philosophy, non-dualism & desire, healing addiction
therapeutic pranayama
Therapeutic Pranayama To Balance The Doshas
yoga therapy Q&A
Yoga therapy Q&A: Hip Replacements, The Koshas, Acupuncture & Chronic Pain
Anandamaya kosha
Anandamaya Kosha: Accessing Bliss Through a Ritualized Yoga Practice
Dualism vs Non-Dualism in Yoga, Meditating Correctly & Ethics in Yoga
muscle and nerve pain
How to Address Muscle and Nerve Pain as a Yoga Therapist
yoga therapy Q&A
Yoga Therapy Q&A: Pitta Imbalance, panic attacks, nutrition & treating neuromas
how to balance the conscious mind
How to balance the conscious mind with chanting & Philosophy
Someone studying ancient yogic texts while in the grass outside, showing how long it takes to become a yoga therapist
How Long Does It Take to Become a Yoga Therapist?
How can meditation help to heal health conditions? A conversation with Brandt
central channel
How a central channel meditation practice can help us understand our ego & desires
The Intuitive Mind & Meditation
How to balance the intuitive mind with meditation
Q&A – Working with parents & children, healing neuropathy & PTSD for the elderly
How to balance the doshas in the energetic body with pranayama
How to balance the doshas in the energetic body with pranayama
What are the five pranas and why are they important?
innermost self
The Vijnanamaya & Anandamaya  Koshas For Yoga Therapy & Mental Health
Meditation Q&A: Simplicity, the root of desire, spiritual texts, global enlightenment and samskaras
imposter syndrome
Yoga Therapy Q&A – Meditation & Anxiety, Workshop Strategies, Imposter Syndrome & Neuroscience