How To Live Life Fully Through Regular Kosha Balancing Yoga Practices

kosha balancing yoga

Welcome to episode 65 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and Meditation podcast.

When we achieve balance throughout all 5 of our koshas (physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and spiritual) through kosha balancing yoga practices, we are put into union with our own nature.

Very few people (even spiritual yogis) put in the effort in their daily practice to touch on regulating each of the 5 koshas. 

However, without a practice that incorporates radical balance of all aspects of our being, we may miss out on the alleviation of suffering, and obtaining a wider perspective and connection to our spiritual nature.

When we find radical balance and maintain, life truly does become sweeter.

In this episode, learn how you can achieve and maintain balance throughout all of the koshas, examples of how your practice can incorporate all of the koshas, our motivations for practising and also what it means to be a ‘householder’ practitioner.

Learn more about how to balance each kosha by watching this playlist.

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Om Shanthi, Om Peace 

This episode covers:

  • Achieving radical balance
  • Using the koshas as a map to radical balance
  • Maintaining the balance of the koshas
  • Examples of how to balance the koshas as part of a daily practice: 3 options
  • 3 stages of our motivation to practice 
  • Practising as a household (not a monk)
  • How these practices can help us manage duality
Breathing Deeply · How To Live Life Fully Through Regular Kosha Balancing Yoga Practices

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