How to balance the conscious mind with chanting & Philosophy

how to balance the conscious mind

Welcome to episode 53 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and Meditation podcast.

Today we’re going to be looking at the mental body. The mental body is the conscious and, also known as the Manomaya kosha.

This is one of the more important layers of our being. The way we think makes up so much of how we think about ourselves. This has a big impact on our everyday life. 

This is also the kosha we use to perceive our experiences and therefore having a balanced conscious mind is extremely important in terms of living a full life. 

In this episode,, Brandt shares two ways we can feed the conscious mind to bring it into balance and peace and how we can use these ways to balance the mind as a practice.

You will also learn a simple grounding chanting practice that will condition the mind to turn inwards and find deep balance.

This episode was taken as an excerpt from our free 6-week course the Radically Balanced Yogi! Learn how to balance all other layers of yourself and receive the philosophy readings, poems and sutras to contemplate alongside the chanting practice, sign up now for free!

This episode covers: 

  • What is the Manomaya kosha and how it works
  • Jnana yoga and the yoga sutras
  • How to feed the conscious mind
  • Philosophy and poetry
  • Chanting
  • Grounding chanting practice – Om Aim Hreem Kreem Namaha
Breathing Deeply · How To Balance The Conscious Mind With Chanting & Philosophy

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