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A young woman practicing supine Figure-Four Pose instead of yoga poses to avoid with hip bursitis
Yoga Poses to Avoid with Hip Bursitis & What to Do Instead
A middle-aged woman who has considered yoga vs Pilates for back pain practices a neutral standing pose
Yoga vs Pilates for Back Pain: How They Work & What to Do
A professional qualified in yoga and massage therapy working with a client
Using Yoga and Massage Therapy: Yoga Training for Massage Therapists
A woman stretching out while using yoga for Upper Cross Syndrome
Yoga for Upper Cross Syndrome: 7 Poses for Fixing the Slouch in Your Neck
Working with Clients with Depression: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
A physical therapist who is also certified in yoga therapy helps a patient stretch, demonstrating the benefits of both yoga and physical therapy.
Yoga Therapy and Physical Therapy – What’s the Difference?
yoga anatomy
Basics of yoga anatomy for yoga therapists
What is yoga therapy
What Is Yoga Therapy?
Working with Clients with Complex PTSD: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
Working with Clients with Tinnitus: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
Working with Clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
Working with Clients with Plantar Fasciitis: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
A Yoga Therapy Case Study: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Cancer and Yoga Therapy Case Study
Working with a Client with Breast Cancer: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
Sattvic States vs. Symptom Reduction–What is our Goal as Yoga Therapists?
Yoga Therapy For A Rotator Cuff Tear
Yoga Therapy and Medication
Therapy For Back Pain: What NOT To Do
Helping Clients Localize Pain
Using The Joint Freeing Series To Relieve Suffering
Get Out Of Pain: Muscles Vs. Fascia [Yoga Therapy Insights]
Yoga Therapy For Sciatica
Yoga Therapy For Pain Management: A Real Opportunity [Outside Of Opioids]
Scoliosis: Yoga Class Can Be Tricky
How To Help Chronic Pain: Working With The Koshas
Yoga Therapy For Migraine Headaches
Yoga and Back Pain