Basics of yoga anatomy for yoga therapists

Welcome to episode 40 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and Meditation podcast.

In this episode, Brandt shares the basics of yoga anatomy through the lens of a yoga therapist.

By the end of this episode you will have a basic understanding of the anatomy of muscles, fascia, nerves and the spine.

Brandt also covers how the energetic body and physical body are intricately tied, the way yoga therapists look at the body holistically and why training yoga therapists only need a basic understanding of anatomy.

We hope you enjoyed this video! Let us know in the comments or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook any key takeaways or questions about anatomy.

This episode is an excerpt from the course content from our Yoga Therapy Foundations program.

Are you ready to study to become a yoga therapist and learn highly effective yogic tools for the breath to help people heal and suffer less? 

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This episode covers: 

  • How much yoga anatomy knowledge do you need?
  • Anatomy of muscles
  • Anatomy of fascia & how to reshape it
  • Working with muscles & fascia as a yoga therapist
  • How the physical body is tied to the energetic body
  • Anatomy of nerves & the spine
  • Why it’s not necessary to memorize anatomy
  • Thinking of the body holistically
Breathing Deeply · Basics Of Yoga Anatomy For Yoga Therapists

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