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Our Relationship With Stress And How Meditation Can Help
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Yoga Nidra For Trauma
2020 Year End Message For Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Students
2020 Year-End Message From Brandt
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We Are Awake and Open [Pandemic Update]
2019 Year End Message For Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Students
2019 Year-End Message From Brandt
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How to become a Yoga Therapist
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Yoga For Mental Health
A video of Brandt talking about what is a Yoga Therapist
What Is A Yoga Therapist
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Yoga Therapy for Anxiety
2018 Year End Message From Brandt To Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Students
What’s the difference between a Yoga Therapist vs Yoga Teacher?
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Yoga Therapy Retreats
Yoga Therapy Opportunities and The Job Market
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