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A woman stretching out while using yoga for Upper Cross Syndrome
Yoga for Upper Cross Syndrome: 7 Poses for Fixing the Slouch in Your Neck
After receiving her yoga certification for occupational therapists, this OT helps an elderly patient stretch with yoga
Yoga Certification for Occupational Therapists
A yoga teacher smiling in her studio. Many yoga teachers ask how much does it cost to become a yoga therapist if they're thinking of advancing their career.
How Much Does It Cost to Become a Yoga Therapist?
muscle and nerve pain
How to Address Muscle and Nerve Pain as a Yoga Therapist
yoga therapy Q&A
Yoga Therapy Q&A: Pitta Imbalance, panic attacks, nutrition & treating neuromas
A new yoga teacher leading their first class after getting a job with a beginner yoga teacher resume
Beginner Yoga Teacher Resume Tips
how to balance the conscious mind
How to balance the conscious mind with chanting & Philosophy
Someone studying ancient yogic texts while in the grass outside, showing how long it takes to become a yoga therapist
How Long Does It Take to Become a Yoga Therapist?
A yoga therapist helps a man stretch on the floor, using yoga therapy for muscular dystrophy clients.
Yoga Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy: Benefits, How to, and More
A yoga therapist who has completed yoga therapy training for mental health professionals sits with a client in their private practice
Yoga Therapy Training for Mental Health Professionals
Working with Clients with Depression: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
How can meditation help to heal health conditions? A conversation with Brandt
A yoga teacher leading students in a group, demonstrating a major difference between yoga teacher and yoga therapist practices.
What’s the Difference Between a Yoga Teacher vs. Yoga Therapist?
The Intuitive Mind & Meditation
How to balance the intuitive mind with meditation
A physical therapist who is also certified in yoga therapy helps a patient stretch, demonstrating the benefits of both yoga and physical therapy.
Yoga Therapy and Physical Therapy – What’s the Difference?
A woman using a cushion while in Caterpillar Pose to stay comfortable. Holding poses for long periods can be a benefit and limitation to Yin Yoga for trauma.
Benefits and Limitations of Yin Yoga for Trauma
Q&A – Working with parents & children, healing neuropathy & PTSD for the elderly
2022: A Year-end Message From Brandt
A woman sitting on a yoga mat in a library studying for a master's in yoga therapy.
Do You Need a Master’s in Yoga Therapy?
How to balance the doshas in the energetic body with pranayama
How to balance the doshas in the energetic body with pranayama
A yoga therapist on the job helping a client with a yoga pose in a clinical setting.
Yoga Therapist Jobs and Career Opportunities
What are the five pranas and why are they important?
innermost self
The Vijnanamaya & Anandamaya  Koshas For Yoga Therapy & Mental Health
Woman doing Yoga Nidra for trauma
Yoga Nidra for Trauma and PTSD
Yoga Therapy for Trauma and PTSD
imposter syndrome
Yoga Therapy Q&A – Meditation & Anxiety, Workshop Strategies, Imposter Syndrome & Neuroscience
Women practicing yoga in a group session. Before attending, many have to ask, does insurance cover yoga therapy?
Does Insurance Cover Yoga Therapy?