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A person holding their ankle in discomfort before using yoga for Achilles tendonitis
Yoga for Achilles Tendonitis: Tips for Relief & Healing
yoga therapy for anxiety
How to Treat Anxiety Through the Koshas in Yoga Therapy
An older man practicing a spinal twist while seated on a chair, demonstrating how to do chair yoga for seniors
Chair Yoga for Seniors: Tips for a Healthy Practice
A calm-looking woman cross-legged on the floor practicing yoga for menopause hot flashes
Yoga for Menopause Hot Flashes: Techniques for Relief
Meena Ananth case study
Working with Clients Healing From A Car Accident: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
Fiona Jalinoos case study
Working with Clients with Menopause Symptoms: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
Sara Merrick-Albano case study on Crohn's disease
Working with Clients with Crohn’s Disease: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
Christine Saari medication-resistant depression case study
Working with Clients with Medication-Resistant Depression: A Yoga Therapy Case Study
A woman sitting cross legged in Namaste position, reflecting the holistic mind-body approach that is Ayurvedic yoga
What Is Ayurvedic Yoga and Does It Actually Work?
A person sitting on a couch and clutching their stomach in discomfort, wondering why does yoga make me nauseous?
Why Does Yoga Make Me Nauseous?
A yoga therapist on the job helping a client with a yoga pose in a clinical setting.
Yoga Therapist Jobs and Career Opportunities
new habit
How to form a new habit that actually works!
the vijnanamaya kosha
How to balance the Vijnanamaya Kosha with meditation in yoga therapy
A New Year’s Message From Brandt
A young woman in Child's Pose on her carpet, bringing up a question that many people have—can you do yoga on carpet?
Can You Do Yoga on Carpet?
A woman practicing Head to Knee Pose as part of her Lower Cross Syndrome yoga
Lower Cross Syndrome Yoga: Exercises, Causes, and Treatment
grief and yoga therapy
Yoga Therapy Q&A: Grief, Depression & Surgeries
A young woman practicing supine Figure-Four Pose instead of yoga poses to avoid with hip bursitis
Yoga Poses to Avoid with Hip Bursitis & What to Do Instead
why we start meditating
The Birth of Spiritual Desire: Why We Start Meditating
Studying Philosophy, Student Questions & Working as a Meditation Mentor
A young Black woman using yoga training for psychotherapists to work with a client
Yoga Training for Psychotherapists: Clinical Applications, Benefits, and How to Get Started
An older man uses a chair for balance and support while stretching, showing that chair yoga is good for weight loss and mobility
Is Chair Yoga Good for Weight Loss? Tips, Exercises, and How to Start
yoga sutras
The Conscious Mind & The Application of The Yoga Sutras to Yoga Therapy
A middle-aged woman who has considered yoga vs Pilates for back pain practices a neutral standing pose
Yoga vs Pilates for Back Pain: How They Work & What to Do
A professional qualified in yoga and massage therapy working with a client
Using Yoga and Massage Therapy: Yoga Training for Massage Therapists
Yoga Teacher Training for Nurses to Improve Health Outcomes
Woman doing Yoga Nidra for trauma
Yoga Nidra for Trauma and PTSD