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yoga therapy for anxiety
How to Treat Anxiety Through the Koshas in Yoga Therapy
An older man practicing a spinal twist while seated on a chair, demonstrating how to do chair yoga for seniors
Chair Yoga for Seniors: Tips for a Healthy Practice
A calm-looking woman cross-legged on the floor practicing yoga for menopause hot flashes
Yoga for Menopause Hot Flashes: Techniques for Relief
the vijnanamaya kosha
How to balance the Vijnanamaya Kosha with meditation in yoga therapy
grief and yoga therapy
Yoga Therapy Q&A: Grief, Depression & Surgeries
why we start meditating
The Birth of Spiritual Desire: Why We Start Meditating
Studying Philosophy, Student Questions & Working as a Meditation Mentor
yoga sutras
The Conscious Mind & The Application of The Yoga Sutras to Yoga Therapy
A woman sitting in Lotus Pose, demonstrating one application of yoga in social work
Yoga in Social Work: Benefits, Best Practices, and How to Start
how to balance the conscious mind
How to balance the conscious mind with chanting & Philosophy
A yoga therapist who has completed yoga therapy training for mental health professionals sits with a client in their private practice
Yoga Therapy Training for Mental Health Professionals
innermost self
The Vijnanamaya & Anandamaya  Koshas For Yoga Therapy & Mental Health
yoga therapy and ptsd
Yoga Therapy and Complex PTSD with Tiffany Johnson, C-IAYT
What is yoga therapy
What Is Yoga Therapy?
The doshas in children, yoga therapy for cancer, and survivors guilt
Specializing as a Yoga Therapist: Yoga Therapy Q&A
Yoga Therapy and Depression
video of Brandt speaking about yoga and mental health
Yoga For Mental Health
yoga therapy for anxiety
Yoga Therapy for Anxiety
Yoga Therapy—Breathwork As a Way to Quiet The Mind
Yoga Therapy and Medication
Introducing Meditation to Beginners [A Yoga Therapist’s How and Why]
Yoga Therapy for Bipolar Disorder
How Much To Stretch OR Is The Body A Metaphor For The Mind?
Yoga Therapy For Anxiety: Jane’s Story
Yoga Therapy For Difficult Emotions
The Power Of Practice: Yoga & Schizophrenia