Yoga For Mental Health

One of the areas that are of most interest to people right now is using yoga for mental health, such as yoga for anxiety, yoga for depression, and other mental conditions and difficult emotions.

Brandt addresses this hot topic in his following blog post.

Breathing Deeply | Yoga for Mental Health

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Video Transcription

Yoga therapists treat a very wide range of conditions and if we’re talking mental health, we see it a little differently. You know, it’s not like you open up Yoga Journal and you see yoga for depression, here’s your 9 poses, right, that you’re gonna do for depression cause everybody’s different and everybody’s arriving at their mental states, you know, from a different scenario in their system. And in our school, we have a couple main assessment models we use and then from there, that will lead us to the practices we give any individual. One person with anxiety might get a slightly different set of practices than another based on that assessment. Our goal is to bring balance to the system as yoga therapists and we’re going to work very hard to look at each person in their individual circumstances. So, in that way, we feel like we are much more specific because we’re really looking at the individual and saying, well, these practices have been shown to bring more balance to minds of other individuals that have a similar assessment. Eventually, they have a set of practices that they can do on their own that really helps them, and they achieve their goals, and hopefully no longer need us. So, that’s what we are moving towards, for sure. It’s all about a person having agency over their own condition.

Yoga therapy can help and support the treatment of a variety of mental conditions such as:

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