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2019 Year-End Message From Brandt

2019 Year End Message For Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Students

As our school matures with more of you in the field working, the positive effect that we are collectively having in the world is abundantly clear. We as a community are out there educating people on how to heal themselves from physical issues, chronic pain, trauma, anxiety, chronic disease states, and so many other sufferings. Each week I have the privilege of hearing your client stories and the amazing work you are doing.

So, as I sit and reflect to write this year-end message, I am filled with gratitude and want to share my birds-eye view of your incredible work within the broader landscape. The amount of healing that is happening under your impressive guidance speaks to your ability to put the Breathing Deeply methods into action in a vital way.

Like our school, the field of yoga therapy is also growing. Research is being developed all over the world to convince the medical community and the public that we as Yoga Therapists have something essential to share. This process is still in its infancy, with much more work to be done, but the support for research is promising and I see a positive trend for yoga therapy as a whole.

We, however, are working beyond the research. Our model and frameworks allow us to individualize recommendations and produce results much more powerful than cookie-cutter sequences or interventions. Our willingness to see people as individuals is what gives our practice so much power. In my opinion, it is our open-minded approach that allows us to work with nuance and form alliances with our clients that produce these stellar results.

Over this year I’ve seen students work with a diverse client set including those suffering from multiple traumas. In one instance, a homebound woman worked with a Yoga Therapist and a Psychologist in tandem and she was able to reengage with the world and start working again. In another example, the client was able to change her living situation and remove herself from a continuous threat of physical harm.

I’ve seen Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapists work with back pain, teaching simple techniques to improve client pain outcomes including one example where a simple 5-week intervention had an 80% success rate.

I’ve seen case studies of clients with chronic disease states positively change their lives. In one instance a client who was suffering for 10 years became able to sleep through the night and reduce her fibromyalgia symptoms so much that she no longer needed help from her Yoga Therapist.

These are just a few examples of the incredible work our school is doing to shift the way people are able to experience life!

May these stories inspire us and with this in mind, let us commit to two things for the coming year ahead. One: to study the beautiful, effective art/science of yoga therapy and learn as much as we can. And two: to continue to expand our personal yoga practice so that we may be more open, aware, and connected in the service of our clients. From this, we will continue to expand our collective ability and bring healing, peace, and light to the world.

Blessings to everyone this New Year. May we all continue to share ourselves in the world as a reflection of the beauty and love that is inherent in all beings.

With great respect and love,
Brandt Passalaqua
Director and Lead Teacher, Breathing Deeply

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