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Yoga Therapy Training DC

Looking for yoga therapy training in DC? Look no further! Breathing Deeply provides comprehensive, expert training online. With live components, direct mentorship from our Lead Teacher, and a supportive peer community, you’ll experience all the same hands-on engagement as an in-person training but with more convenience. Learn more and apply today!

Yoga Therapy's Unique Approach

A unique fusion of ancient knowledge and modern science, yoga therapy blends the time-honored traditions of yoga with modern medical insights to support holistic health. Yoga therapists empower people to have more control over their health and wellness by teaching them techniques specific to their own body, history, condition, and goals.

At its core, yoga therapy adapts yoga techniques and principles to address individual needs. It encompasses a holistic view of health that includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Yoga therapists possess expertise in tailoring yoga practices to target specific health issues, drawing upon a diverse range of methods including physical postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama), meditation, chanting, and philosophical teachings. With this knowledge, we guide clients towards improved health and enhanced quality of life, using yoga as a tool for healing.

Complete Your Yoga Therapy Training in DC Online

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What Are the Benefits of Getting Yoga Therapy Training?

  • Address Diverse Health Needs: Western medicine doesn’t always hold the answers or provide the holistic solutions necessary to support overall wellness. As a yoga therapist, you have techniques at your disposal to address all the dimensions of health and tailor practices to each individual’s unique circumstances.
  • Treat Physical Health Issues: You will be skilled in helping clients manage and treat various physical ailments, such as chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, back pain, sciatica, shoulder injuries, arthritis, pelvic floor dysfunction, plantar fasciitis, and more.
  • Treat Mental Health Issues: Yoga therapy training teaches you therapeutic techniques that can help clients navigate and improve their mental health, tackling conditions like addiction, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more.
  • Gain New Career Options: You have the option to pursue a diverse career as a general practitioner or specialize in specific areas of expertise.
  • Integrate with Other Practices: Yoga therapy seamlessly integrates with various healthcare practices, including Western medicine. This makes it appealing to clients in a private practice and also allows you to integrate yoga therapy into an existing healthcare career, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, social work, and more.
  • Expand Clientele and Income: Acquiring training in yoga therapy can attract more clients and allow you to charge higher fees for your specialized services.

How Does Our Online Yoga Therapy Training Work?

With over a decade of experience providing online yoga therapy, we’re proud to provide the yoga therapy training DC professionals need to succeed. Our program is comprehensive, convenient, and supportive. These are just a few of the things that make us stand out:

  • Live Interactive Sessions: Worried that online training won’t be engaging or allow you to interact with instructors? This isn’t your typical online education. We intentionally include live components so you can work closely with teachers.
  • Learn from Anywhere: Our online program allows you to get high-quality yoga therapy training in DC or anywhere else you might go. Cut the commute and learn wherever and whenever works best for you.
  • Set Your Own Pace: With the freedom to complete coursework at your preferred speed, our training is well-suited for individuals juggling busy schedules. Or if you want to complete training quickly, you can finish our Foundations training within a year. For those who choose to continue with the Advanced training, you can complete training and certification in just one more year.
  • Get Lifelong Support: Even after you finish with our program, you’ll still have access to our exclusive online community of your teachers and peers. This means you can still ask questions, trade tips, and be a part of a thriving community of like-minded professionals throughout your entire career.
  • Pay As You Go: With flexible payment plans, our students can take advantage of the option to pay as you go.

The Opportunity of Yoga Therapy Training in DC

As yoga therapy gains recognition for bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine, the field is witnessing a surge in career opportunities.  

  • On average, yoga therapists in DC make around $59,659 per year. That’s more than the U.S. average salary for yoga therapists!
  • At the top end of the pay range, 25% of yoga therapy jobs reported in DC earned between $75,884 and $80,414.
  • According to ZipRecruiter, there are a number of yoga therapist jobs both in DC and in the surrounding area.

Our Foundations of Yoga Therapy Training

Become a yoga therapist in as little as one year with our Foundations of Yoga Therapy Program. Think you’ll need more time? No problem! We allow you to progress through training at your own speed.

The Foundations Program consists of:

  • 50 pre-recorded lectures
  • Coursework
  • Assignments and online social network
  • Live Q&As with head teacher and Breathing Deeply creator, Brandt Passalacqua
  • 3 virtual/online learning retreat modules
  • Hands-on experience with other students

When I enrolled in the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, I was looking to expand my knowledge of yoga with the goal of becoming a better yoga teacher.

The progress I have seen in my clients often makes me wish I had before and after videos to show.

Kathy Page, Yoga Therapist in Silver Springs, MD

Our Advanced Yoga Therapy Course and Certification

Our Advanced Yoga Therapy Program provides additional training for those who want to become certified yoga therapists at the highest level, C-IAYT. Complete our Foundations Program in one year and our Advanced Program in another to get certified in just two years.

The Advanced Program is made up of three parts:

  • The Foundations of Yoga Therapy Program
  • 8 week-long live virtual learning modules
  • Mentored practicum in the community

Retreats give students the opportunity to dive deeper into advanced material, working closely with our Lead Teacher, Brandt. They are conducted virtually so you can participate from anywhere, but they are on a live schedule so you can work with Brandt and get feedback directly. The practicum, which Brandt will also guide, gives you a chance to get actual experience in the field.

After training, yoga therapists have a wealth of career opportunities, from private practice to careers in mental health, social work, healthcare, pain management, addiction treatment, and more.

This program is different from others. The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy program dives into the deeper parts of what it is to be human. It offers a model that explores all the koshas.

It has given me fresh eyes, no longer only looking through the mental health lens I was originally trained with. I now also incorporate the lens of yoga in the work I do with clients.

Shervon Laurice, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor & Yoga Therapist in Silver Spring, MD

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