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Yoga Therapy Training Boston

Looking for yoga therapy training Boston locals can relate to? Breathing Deeply has over a decade of experience in conducting online yoga therapy training. Based in Northampton, we have a keen understanding of the unique needs of the local yoga community in Massachusetts, including Boston. Learn more about our program and apply today or reach out to our team with any questions.

Yoga Therapy's Unique Approach

Yoga therapy stands at the unique intersection of ancient wisdom and contemporary science. This practice, emerging from the time-honored traditions of yoga and enriched by the insights of modern medicine, aims to empower individuals in their quest for health and wellness. It encourages people to play an active role in their own health journey.

In essence, yoga therapy is a personalized and evolving health discipline that applies yoga techniques and practices to help individuals achieve holistic wellness. Yoga therapy encompasses a comprehensive approach to well-being, addressing not only physical health but the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health as well.

A yoga therapist is a skilled professional who specializes in tailoring yoga practices to address individual health concerns. This requires a deep understanding of both the vast array of yoga techniques—such as asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath control), chanting, philosophical teachings, and meditation—and their specific therapeutic applications. With training in anatomy, different health conditions, and how to use yoga as a tool for healing, a yoga therapist is equipped to guide clients on their journey to better health and improved quality of life.

Complete Your Yoga Therapy Training in Boston Online

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What Are the Benefits of Getting Yoga Therapy Training?

  • Flexibility in Career Path: You can choose to be a versatile general practitioner or specialize in one or more areas of expertise.
  • Increase Client Base and Income: Being trained in yoga therapy can attract more clientele and enable you to command higher fees for your specialized services.
  • Integrate with Other Health Practices: Yoga therapy can be seamlessly combined with various healing modalities, including Western medicine, offering a comprehensive approach to health.
  • Support Diverse Health Needs: Yoga therapy training equips you with the knowledge and skills to meet a wide range of individual health and wellness requirements.
  • Address Physical Health Concerns: You’ll be adept at assisting clients in managing and recovering from various physical conditions, such as:
    • Chronic pain
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Back pain
    • Sciatica
    • Shoulder injuries
    • Arthritis
    • Pelvic floor dysfunction
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • And more
  • Provide Mental Health Support: Yoga therapy training provides you with therapeutic techniques specifically tailored to help clients navigate and improve their mental health, addressing conditions such as:
    • Addiction
    • Trauma
    • PTSD
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • And more

How Does Our Online Yoga Therapy Training Work?

With over ten years of experience providing yoga therapy training online, we have been able to refine our program continuously. At Breathing Deeply, we’re proud to combine convenience, quality, and a deep understanding of yoga therapy’s principles and practices.

By enrolling in our online program, you gain the advantage of progressing through your yoga therapy training in Boston at a pace that suits your lifestyle. Our module-based system gives you 24/7 access to online lessons as well as flexible payment plans, ensuring that the course fits seamlessly into your life. We have also built in opportunities for students to engage directly with instructors for real-time guidance and feedback, as well as communicate with your peers in our exclusive online community.

In just one year, you can complete our Foundations yoga therapy training. If you want further training and IAYT certification, you can spend an additional year in the Advanced program. The pace of your learning journey, however, is entirely up to you, offering the flexibility to extend your training time as needed.

The Opportunity of Yoga Therapy Training in Boston

The rising public interest in alternative and complementary health practices has led to a surge in career opportunities within the yoga therapy sector. This expansion is further fueled by an increasing body of research that underscores the efficacy of yoga therapy in promoting health and well-being. As a result, yoga therapists are finding new and diverse avenues to apply their skills, from clinical settings to wellness programs and beyond.

  • On average, yoga teachers earn $71,878 per year in Massachusetts, according to ZipRecruiter.
  • Yoga therapists, who go through more training and have more advanced skill sets than yoga teachers, can expect to earn even more.
  • Yoga therapists in Massachusetts earn more than the average yoga therapy salary in the U.S., according to ZipRecruiter.

Our Foundations of Yoga Therapy Training

Learn the essentials of yoga therapy in as little as one year with our Foundations of Yoga Therapy Program. If you need more time, you can move at your own pace.

The Foundations Program consists of:

  • 50 pre-recorded lectures
  • Coursework
  • Assignments and online social network
  • Live Q&As with head teacher and Breathing Deeply creator, Brandt Passalacqua
  • 3 virtual/online learning retreat modules
  • Hands-on experience with other students

Using the entire Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy model approach of working through the doshas and koshas for individual people, I have noticed a much faster healing process in both mind and body. There have been so many valuable pieces of this program and learning to teach yoga nidra and the powerful effects it has on brain wave states to change pain for patients has been incredible! THANK YOU to Brandt for helping me help my patients even more! I am a believer.

Ann Biese, Yoga Therapist & Mindfulness Teacher in Boston, Massachusetts

Ann Biese

Our Advanced Yoga Therapy Training and Certification

For those seeking an even deeper understanding of yoga therapy, you can spend an additional year training with us in our Advanced Yoga Therapy Program. Successful completion of this course makes you eligible for the highest level of yoga therapy certification available, C-IAYT.

The Advanced Program is made up of three parts:

  • The Foundations of Yoga Therapy Program
  • 8 week-long live virtual learning modules
  • Mentored practicum in the community

After completing the Foundations Program, Advanced students participate in 8 week-long retreat modules. These are conducted on a live schedule to facilitate real-time interaction with our Lead Teacher, Brandt, and your fellow students.

After graduation, our students find success in a wide range of career settings, including private practices, hospitals, mental health facilities, addiction centers, chiropractors’ offices, pain management centers, wellness facilities, schools, and more.

After each week-long retreat, I feel like I’ve made a huge leap in my learning and personal growth. The Q&As are like a mini-retreat and a chance to connect with Brandt, my fellow students, and the yoga therapy material.

To any motivated yoga therapy student considering this program, know that the flexible, self-paced nature of this program and the tremendous support available at every step of the way make it entirely achievable.

Alexis Major Jameson, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist in Haydenville, Massachusetts

Alexis Major Yoga Teacher Yoga Therapist

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