Alexis Major Jameson

Alexis Major Yoga Teacher Yoga Therapist

200 Hour, Foundations and Advanced Program Graduate
C-IAYT Yoga Therapist
Location: Haydenville, MA
Website: Yoga Major

Since starting the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, I have taken a deep dive into my pranayama and meditation practices which have led to more clarity about what is truly important in my life.

As a gift to myself for my 40th birthday, I applied to both the Breathing Deeply 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with the Foundations Program. I had been interested in doing Yoga Teacher Training for about 20 years since I first began taking yoga classes. I decided that it was finally time to fulfill this desire! From the beginning, I’ve been aiming for C-IAYT. I have always loved the therapeutic aspects of yoga and knew that becoming a Yoga Therapist was the right path for me. I’m so glad that I could do all of my certifications with Breathing Deeply.

A yoga teacher who I love and deeply trust recommended Brandt’s training to me. Despite living close to Brandt, the convenience of having the program with most of the content online has been so helpful.

The first course that I completed with Breathing Deeply was Radically Balanced Yogi, for my 200-hour certification. This was an amazing experience of self-transformation! I had a very steady yoga practice before this, but the Radically Balanced Yogi course really focused my practice on all five Koshas. I realized that my yoga practice brought so much more depth and potential when I began to balance body, breath, conscious mind, intuitive mind, and heart. This led to a deep state of lasting balance. I still experience the normal ups and downs of life, but my center is stronger, more solid, and rooted in my daily practices as a result of having taken this course.

Since starting the program, my teaching has shifted towards including practices in all five Koshas in every class and with most clients/as needed. Yoga class has shifted from a physical practice to one that balances the whole human system: body, mind, breath, and heart.

The most valuable part of this program for me has been the live retreats and the opportunity to spend an extensive amount of time focusing on one subject. I’ve found that this experience translates well to online retreats also. After each week-long retreat, I feel like I’ve made a huge leap in my learning and personal growth. The Q&As are like a mini-retreat and a chance to connect with Brandt, my fellow students, and the yoga therapy material.

Upon enrolling, I knew this program would teach me so much and expected a lot of learning, and that is what I got! In addition, the depth with which Brandt covers each topic in the Advanced Yoga Therapy Program has greatly exceeded my expectations.

To any motivated yoga therapy student considering this program, know that the flexible, self-paced nature of this program and the tremendous support available at every step of the way make it entirely achievable. Anna, Joe, Lisa, and Brandt are all incredibly valuable resources!

One of my Foundations Program case studies was working with a person who was struggling with the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After two years of weekly sessions, she is feeling stronger and more balanced. I was one member of a “team” of practitioners that are part of this story. Using the approach of educating my client about techniques from the yoga therapy tradition, and other self-care routines, she was able to find the practices that were most supportive to her. The practices that she has integrated into her daily life and adapted to her needs have been the ones that provided the most lasting change.

I currently have a small practice teaching two yoga classes a week and working with a handful of yoga therapy clients. My hope is to expand my yoga therapy practice and also offer a low-income clinic for people living in my area. I want to make yoga therapy available to everyone who can benefit from this work!

Info Session

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