The practice of softening, surrender & non-resistance to change with meditation


Welcome to episode 8 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and meditation podcast.

In this episode, Breathing Deeply founder Brandt Passalacqua discusses the importance of cultivating softness and openness as part of our meditation practice. 

Softening and opening allow us to move through our emotional states, even very tough ones, quickly and more effortlessly. With practice, we being to be able to soften into all of it more easily. Every moment, every breath, and every thought is an opportunity for up to be more open, to soften, and to surrender.

Brandt also discusses why we may feel resistance to this practice of opening and softening to all of our experiences and emotional states which is resistance to change. By softening and opening to all emotional states, we are doing something different which will change us, perhaps it will radically change us! This is of course the very reason we practice, we don’t meditate to stay the same, but as humans, we inherently want to control the way that change looks.

This episode will inspire you to invite more openness and surrender into whatever you are experiencing in life as part of your practice to help you move through whatever life throws your way.

Topics covered:

  • The act of softening
  • Our root desire
  • Attachment
  • Resistance to uncomfortable thoughts and feelings
  • Dealing with difficult emotional states by softening 
  • Resistance to change

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Om Shanthi

Breathing Deeply · ​​The practice of softening, surrender & non-resistance to change with meditation

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