Module 5: Trauma, Yoga for Anxiety & Depression, Body & Breath Weekend

TBD 2026
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Body and Breath Weekend|Trauma | Yoga for Anxiety & Depression
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Prerequisite: Prerequisite: Complete Through Lesson 40
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Healing Through The Body & Breath Weekend

In this Healing Through The Body & Breath Weekend, students will investigate techniques to work with the physical body and the breath and learn assessment skills to inform their work with the physical body. The Range of Motion (R.O.M.) assessment and muscle strength testing procedures will be taught. Students will leave with a clear ability to assess and give asana and breath work recommendations to strengthen muscle groups, improve R.O.M. and give breath instruction that moves clients away from pain. This weekend is considered a foundational module for the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy course.


In this course students will learn to design yoga therapy programs for clients who are suffering from issues related to trauma. Students will learn about the current science around yoga and trauma and how to integrate this knowledge into the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy model.

Yoga For Anxiety & Depression

In this course, students will examine strategies for working with clients suffering from anxiety and/or depression based issues. Students will become familiar with western models of treatment and learn to use this knowledge to inform assessments. We will learn assessment and treatment strategies using the koshic and doshic models. Students will be able to integrate this material into the existing understanding of general yoga therapy principles and feel confident working with these common mental health challenges.