Healing Through The Body And Breath: A Yoga Therapy Perspective

TBD 2026
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Foundations Program
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Yoga asana, or movement, supports the body’s health, often in an accessible and immediate way, and when we add in proper supportive breathing, the result is one of the most powerful ways to affect change and bring healing to injuries.

Participants will learn to offer a Range of Motion Assessment. With this important tool, you’ll learn to discern physical strengths and weakness, both in yourself and in others. This skill is key in Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and is used to determine which asanas will bring the most balance and healing in the most efficient way. We will also spend time learning and experiencing how the breath supports and transforms us, and how to teach supportive breath practices to clients and yoga students.

Join us if you:
● Want more confidence working one-on-one with clients, and want to enhance your physical assessment skills
● Want to deepen your understanding of how to balance physical conditions
● Wish to find out more about the path of yoga therapy
● Want to learn how to balance the physical and pranic energies of the body
● Want to connect to a community of yoga teachers/therapists from all over

This retreat addresses the physical foundations of the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program and is one of three essential retreats for students working towards becoming Yoga Therapists.