Tiffany Johnson

Foundations + Advanced Program Graduate
C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher
Location: Grand Forks, ND
Website: Blue Cat Yoga
Case Study: Complex PTSD

“When I started the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, I had just ended my elementary teaching career of 10 years which I had been juggling with my three, active, young kids. I was seeking something more – a renewed sense of purpose. But what could I start, while raising three young children? Research. 

The Breathing Deeply Program stood out to me for many reasons, but ultimately, it was the format that sold me. It allowed me to learn at my own pace. I could plug-in and listen to a lesson while watching my son at hockey practice, or review another while taking myself out for a quiet sushi lunch. It really was quite easy to balance it all, including the retreats which were vital for me. They forced me to take the time to dive deeply into the practices and gave me the opportunity to engage with our supportive, yoga therapy community.

Since enrolling in the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, I have noticed a profound change in the way I approach yoga. I have learned how to focus more on therapeutic movements to improve the well-being of my clients and I have been delighted at the success of Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy techniques to improve their conditions. My way of teaching yoga has completely shifted to teaching with therapeutic movements and implementing trauma-sensitive yoga techniques. 

I appreciate Brandt’s wisdom and down-to-earth relatability. He has a knack for explaining new material in a logical and concrete way. The retreats were crucial for me to feel connected and deepen my own learning. The variety of guest-teachers invited to attend made the retreats even more worthwhile. I especially liked the Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapy techniques with our guest expert, as well as Neuroscience and Research. 

This training has been well above my expectations. When I joined, it was by a leap of faith and the school was not yet IAYT certified, however, I felt secure that Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy was a wise choice because of the depth of the learning and the quality of the program. Now that I am nearing the end of the Advanced Program, I am proud to be among part of the first group to graduate the Advanced Program with the full C-IAYT certification through Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy. 

Currently, I work as a Yoga Therapist at a wellness center, taking yoga therapy clients for one-on-ones. I also work at our local community violence intervention center as a group facilitator for Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for women with C-PTSD. Additionally, I’ve worked in a residential home for adolescents/teens with C-PTSD, and I regularly work in different schools, and on occasion, corporate wellness events. I’ve also presented Trauma-Sensitive Yoga techniques at our state yoga conference.  

My yoga therapy training has opened my eyes to the stunning transformation of the Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapy group that I lead for women with C-PTSD. When we first met, the women shared with me their apprehension for yoga and their doubts. Eighteen months later, and the whole group dynamic has changed. These women are making positive shifts and changes in their lives. 

This program is truly unlike any other. Here, you can learn at your own pace, gain experience from practicing the techniques, attending retreats, and sharing your knowledge with your peers. Breathing Deeply has a wonderful community of learners teaching Yoga Therapy best practices and techniques to reduce their suffering and that of their clients. This program attracts intelligent and kind-hearted people. Learning from my peers has been invaluable.

Going through the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program is similar to going through a personal metamorphosis. You think you understand yoga and the benefit of being able to personalize it for others, but then you realize how much you gain from yoga therapy techniques and the doors to unlimited possibilities swing wide open. 

Breathing Deeply has brought a renewed sense of purpose and healing into my life, one that I am grateful to be able to share with others. The ripple effect of helping people reduce their suffering and living their lives more fully is why I love my work as a Yoga Therapist.”

Info Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.