Kiersten Graham

Kierstin Graham
Foundations Program Graduate
Yoga Teacher & Therapist
Location: Savannah, GA

Trauma-sensitive yoga was a great start however I feel I can support the clients I work with much better with the information and knowledge gained through this program!

When I applied and joined Breathing Deeply, I was bringing classes to local recovery spaces and crisis centers and wanted to expand my knowledge on the therapeutic aspects of yoga. I chose Breathing Deeply because it was the most affordable and accessible option that offers an abundance of support for their students and alumni!

Breathing Deeply’s teaching and philosophy reignited my passion and discipline for my own Sadhana. The knowledge has allowed me the information to bring practices to clients that are as beneficial and therapeutic as trauma-sensitive yoga but not just interoception-focused.

The constant support from TAs, Brandt, and others in the program has been incredible and the most valuable parts of the course. Additionally, as someone who gets nervous about tests, I was extremely nervous about the foundations final. Brandt does an incredible job working with and around any test anxiety.

I am a Trauma Sensitive Yoga instructor at Recovery Spaces (inpatient and outpatient), A Crisis Center, Juvenile Court, and nonprofits that work with homeless mothers and homeless youth- I use Yoga Therapy to support me in this work!

This program is affordable, accessible, and 1000% worth it! I am so grateful for the breathing deeply team and their support throughout my time in the program, and after!

Here is one program case study that I’d like to share that I am proud of. Prior to our work together, she had tried energy work, traditional therapy, and cranial sacral therapy and felt like nothing made a dent in her drinking. She has been sober for 7 months now after 3 months of Yoga Therapy! She shares:
“As someone who has drank for YEARS, and tried every suggestion/method/avenue to stop besides checking myself into rehab, I never thought that yoga would be the key to actually helping stop. I am an energy practitioner myself and no amount of meditation, self-Reiki, self-reflection, or “normal” yoga classes, you name it could pierce that “armor” of using alcohol to cope at night. Kierstin brought me back into my PHYSICAL body which is what I never knew I needed. She tailor-made a routine just for me that I could practice in moments that would typically trigger that urge to drink. Not only that, she made me feel safe.”

Info Session

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