Julie Kormanyos

Julie Kormanyos
Foundations Program Graduate
Yoga Teacher & Therapist
Location: Massena, NY
Website: www.juliekormanyos.weebly.com

There are many things that have changed for me over the past three years. When I started the program I was focused on the asana side of yoga. I was working 60 hours a week and searching for answers to help me heal my body from an autoimmune condition. I was able to apply everything that I learned in the Foundations Program to heal myself physically and emotionally. Through the joint freeing series, application of the doshic and koshic frameworks, and yoga nidra/meditation, I am in a much healthier place. I am grateful for these practices and excited to share with others.

I chose Breathing Deeply after talking with my YTT 200 instructor. She shared positive feedback from others who trained under Brandt.

The program has allowed me to I have taken the time to dive into the Yoga Sutras and focus on the different types of meditation for my dominant dosha (pitta). These meditations are my healing practices when my work-life balance becomes stressful.

It was incredibly useful the way the program can be broken down into modules and you can go at your own pace. It was extremely helpful for me to have the Q&A sessions to stay connected with everyone!

I was worried that the online and lack of hands-on learning during covid would prevent me from gleaning all the skills needed. This was not the case because of the retreats and Q&A sessions. Also- my TA was available at any time to assist with questions.

My clients are now receiving the benefits of Yoga Therapy when following the plans designed for them. It is wonderful to see people apply the practices and heal themselves.

I would want potential BDYT students to know that they should not hesitate to join Breathing Deeply. They will be joining a learning community that offers a TA, retreats, weekly Q&A sessions, and a supportive peer group to help them reach their goals. Brandt is extremely knowledgeable and will push you to look at concepts from all different perspectives.

One of my case studies was a client whose initial concern was back pain. As we began to put a plan together that involved asana and breathing practices, he fell in love with yoga nidra, and meditation. His metrics changed from 9 for back pain to 2 over a 10-week time together. These meditation practices healed his back pain and he continues with daily yoga nidras!

I am an LMHC and now use Yoga Therapy to treat clients with Anxiety and Depression.

Info Session

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