Heidi Browne

Foundations Program Graduate
Advanced Program Student
C-IAYT Candidate
Yoga Teacher and Therapist
Location: Newton, Pa

“When I enrolled in the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program I was having difficulty teaching group classes. The individual needs of each student stood out to me so clearly — I didn’t feel I was serving them as well as I could be. 

I looked at other schools, but was unsure about such a huge commitment of time and resources, and I did not feel a connection with any of the other teachers. 

Brandt was different. I viewed several of his videos online and read the details relating to the Foundations program. It was entirely achievable. Once I was in the Foundations Program, I was hooked!

The greatest shift in my healing approach since starting the program relates to the confidence I have gained in presenting unique therapy options to each individual. My first clients were all used to yoga classes, as I was, and the targeted, individual application of practices was completely new to them, and to me as a yoga teacher. 

Currently, I am in the process of establishing a private yoga therapy practice, as I no longer teach group yoga classes. I’m most experienced in injury and post-surgical physical recovery, as well as anxiety and back pain, specifically. Now, the whole process feels much more empowering for my clients, and for me as their teacher. 

On a personal level, Brandt’s methods of working with the deeper koshas, and his way of presenting the doshic and koshic models has completely changed the way I look at my own practice. Also, before this program, I never had a true meditation practice. That alone has completely changed my life.

The most valuable parts of this program for me have been the community and the model Brandt teaches. It’s a method and process that we learn to apply together. It feels more like growing into skills than memorizing specifics for this or that condition. And we grow as a group together, working it all out as we go. I’ve never been in a school like this, and now I can’t see any other way to be a yoga therapist.

With that, the school has exceeded all of my expectations. I can see how hard the staff works to support us as students, and I know I’ll have this community for the rest of my career. I feel very well prepared to build my own practice.

To anyone considering yoga therapy as a career path, I would tell them that this program and model of yoga therapy is, in my view, the most skillful and useful way to learn to apply yoga practices individually. At the risk of repeating myself, I don’t see other schools teaching this way and with such a cohesive community. 

In my experience, you don’t “get lost” in this program, there’s so much support, so many resources available whenever you need them. Every student is supported and connected, as much as they need, for as long as they need it. Personally, I feel deeply grounded in this community. I’ve never felt that way with any other training.

In general, most of my clients come to me with physical complaints, and I’ve learned that pain involves the whole person. I’ve watched my clients use a simple breathing practice or a shift of awareness to heal themselves, watched them realize they have agency in their own health, and it’s been beautiful to witness. 

That’s the beauty of yoga therapy, in my opinion. We are teachers and we hold space for clients to heal themselves. I love watching the process unfold and am so grateful for all I’ve learned, and will continue to learn, from Breathing Deeply and my clients themselves.”

Info Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.