Deborah Selm

Foundations Program Graduate
Advanced Program Student
C-IAYT Candidate
Yoga Teacher & Therapist
Location: Milwaukee Wisconsin

Since starting my training with Breathing Deeply, I’ve started to see clients 1×1. The frameworks from the Foundations Program are so helpful! I am so grateful to be able to share this work and see people transform through yoga!

When I applied, I found Breathing Deeply online. We interviewed each other on the phone and the program seemed like a great match! The objectives are clear. The classes are well organized, well done, and best of all fun and enjoyable!

Breathing Deeply has helped me to dive into yoga more deeply with greater experience and knowledge. It’s not all reading theory – you immerse yourself in the experience of yoga therapy which makes you a better teacher.

The Breathing Deeply frameworks have made it easy to plan, easy to explain and teach, and pass along practices that work so well!

I’ve seen healing and connection with my clients and yoga students! Some of my clients have never tried yoga before and when you see it working it is really amazing! I’ve seen anxiety melt away. I’ve seen people tune in to themselves. I’ve seen some small and some big revaluations. Mostly, I’ve seen deep connections when people find calm and peace.

One of my case studies was helping a woman struggling with losing her vision. Asana helped strengthen her muscles and her confidence, pranayama, and meditation helped ease her feelings and thoughts.

The program has completely exceeded expectations. I was worried about the cost and also the motivation of finishing an online training. With all the new connections I’ve made because of the knowledge from the program, the cost was worth it and I was also motivated to finish!

To anyone considering the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, know that there is a great need for this work out there- take your time- enjoy the lessons and you will find your way!

I am now a yoga therapist that sees people recovering from addiction, anxiety and depression, trauma, and other health concerns in a private Holistic Wellness Center.

Info Session

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