Andrea Rodriguez

Andrea Rodriguez
Foundations Program Graduate
Advanced Program Student
C-IAYT Candidate
Nurse, Yoga Teacher & Therapist
Location: Wilmington, MA

Many things have changed for me since starting the program, but what has impacted me the most is my personal relationship with my yoga practice and the way that I share yoga with students.

At the time that I applied to the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program, I was struggling with several postpartum issues including diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness, postpartum anxiety, and sciatica. I was working with a pelvic floor PT and my OB-GYN for over a year with little improvement. I decided to try yoga therapy to help me rebuild my yoga practice not realizing that yoga therapists can help with physical pathologies as well. I used to practice heated vinyasa yoga daily, but it was challenging and sometimes worsened the physical and mental issues I was experiencing. Not only did my yoga therapist help me discover a new and more efficient way of practicing yoga, but she also helped address the physical issues I was having, which I didn’t realize was in scope. It was this personal experience working with a yoga therapist that brought me to Breathing Deeply and to pursue becoming a yoga therapist myself. I chose Breathing Deeply because of the student-friendly structure of the program as well as the down-to-earth and relatable way that Brandt teaches.

The Breathing Deeply frameworks, using the doshas and koshas as a navigation tool in promoting balance, have helped me personally. I use these tools daily and many others we have learned in the program to recalibrate so that I am more present-centered, calm, and resilient.

The most valuable part of the program is having direct access to Brandt through Q&As and retreats. Reviewing and receiving advice for case studies is the most useful and helps build confidence while working with clients and building a yoga therapy practice.

I have witnessed my clients suffer less with the conditions they have come to work with me for, not just physically but holistically. I’ve seen my client’s connection with others, with themselves, and their physical conditions improve significantly through yoga therapy.

The program exceeded my expectations! My original plan was to just take the Foundations program but it is such a good program that I continued to pursue my C-IAYT as well as the Meditation Mentor certification through Breathing Deeply.

Potential yoga therapy students should know that the Breathing Deeply program has knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated teachers and staff and a supportive community network of yoga therapists willing to help you along your journey as a student and a practitioner. The program is well-delivered, organized, and you will finish feeling fulfilled.

I now work as a Yoga Therapist focused on working in women’s health.

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