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Yoga Therapy Training Pennsylvania

Welcome Pennsylvanians! We are so happy you want to be a Certified Yoga Therapist!

The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy (BDYT) Program is designed to certify you to work with individuals within the yoga therapy model. Upon completion you will have the information and skills to work one-on-one with Pennsylvania residents for a wide range of conditions, including physical conditions, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, addiction, chronic pain, and more.

The course will teach you anatomy, philosophy, theory, and how to apply this information and tools in a therapeutic setting. The BDYT foundations course is structured to be completed in about one year with an option to continue into our 800 hour IAYT based program. There is also the option to move through at a slower pace, completing when ready. The unique blended online and retreat/residential format allows for schedule flexibility so that people with a variety of life situations can participate.

BDYT Foundations Course

The main part of this course is delivered in 52 lectures online. These classes will be available for you online 24/7, allowing you to take them when it’s most convenient. Each class will include homework to help you integrate and fully understand the information. There is a community forum for all trainees to ask questions that arise at anytime. There are two weekly, live group Q&A’s with Brandt that delve deeper into material and questions. These calls provide mentorship and are also a way to stay connected to the BDYT community throughout your studies.

Each class lecture, the community forum, as well as the live sessions will be available to you at any point along the way, so even when you’ve completed the course and are BDYT certified, you may ask questions, re-watch lectures and interact with other students (and Yoga Therapists!).

This yoga therapy program and curriculum is based on years of knowledge and experience as a practicing Yoga Therapist. You will be taught through a Koshic “lens” or framework. The Koshas are how yoga views the human experience. By the end and completion of this program, you will be able to assess any client and teach them techniques for self healing. You will have a clear grasp of how human anatomy works and be able to apply it in a real world setting. This course is designed for actual application and the teachings come from actual cases. The goal of the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program is to train people to be clear on how to work with any condition from lower back pain to arthritis, depression to spiritual connection, in a focused way that has full integrity.

Weekend Retreats

There are 3 weekend retreats as part of the course certification. These retreats will be held just above New York City in Claverack, New York (outside of Hudson) at the Garrison Institute and are offered 3 times per year. To complete the course you must attend each of the weekend retreats, although they do not need to be in the same year or in any specific order. This allows for students to move through the program at their own pace. Each retreat will cover yoga teachings, Sadhna, and muscle testing/structural analysis.

(Note: The weekends are billed separately from the course and the fee will vary depending on the accommodations you choose. Generally the cost should be between $500-$650 per weekend including two nights and all meals.)

We are now offering a distance option for those too far to make the retreats. The cost for each retreat is in the $350 range (to be paid separately at the time of registration) and includes the same material as the residential retreats. Remote retreats can be taken in any order and each one will be held online with Brandt. The 2017 dates are available on our retreat page. *Note that this option is for the Foundations Program only.

Completion and Certification

You may begin and complete this foundations course at any time. [apply here]
There are four requirements to BDYT certification:

1) Completion of all 52 online lectures and coursework

2) Attendance of 3 weekend retreats or equivalent

3) Completion of 2 papers outlining case studies

4) Oral and written exam by teacher


This course is open to all yoga teachers at a 200 hour level or equivalent from any tradition. Others will be considered case by case.


Option 1: Pay in Full ($2,495)

Option 2: 11 Month Plan: $500 first payment; $225/month for 10 months after ($2,750)

Option 3: 21 Month Plan: $500 first payment; $125/month for 20 months after ($3,000)

Tuition includes online portion of the course, live Q&A’s, and access to BDYT community indefinitely.

All tuition plans are non-refundable. Accepting an extended payment plan is a contract to pay the full amount due. Retreats are billed separately. (rates here)

The total cost of this foundations program includes, tuition, retreats, and a one time $250 final exam testing fee due at time of your certification test.

Application Process

Step 1. Read and listen to our FAQ page here to gain a full understanding of our program/s.
Step 2. Apply here. (please make sure your application is as detailed as possible so we can get to know you.)
Step 3. You will receive an email from us with your next steps. These options include 1) That you’ve been accepted into the BDYT Foundations Program with links for registration or 2) A request for more information and possibly a phone interview. If needed, you will have the opportunity to speak with an admissions person or Brandt directly.

BDYT Campus Program – An Additional Community Option

The BDYT Foundations Program (BDYT Certification) provides an online learning experience as laid out above, while local Pennsylvania studios provide the opportunity for students to enjoy hands-on experiential learning with one another. Meet once per month for 12 months, as you go through the year-long program together.
Click here to see if there is Campus Program near you!

Questions are always welcome! (email us here)

Click here to learn more about our 800-Hour Program.


Want to learn more?
Here is a recording of a BDYT Program Info Session with Brandt that was held on January 8, 2017. [Listen here]