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Yoga Therapy and Bodywork: Brandt’s General Approach

Brandt is trained as a Yoga Therapist as well as a Medical Massage Therapist. He has also studied eastern modalities such as shiatsu, acupressure, and thai massage. To round out his usefulness to clients he is also well versed in eastern and western nutritional approaches as well as herbs and supplements.

Brandt’s knowledge in each method has come out of an interest helping clients find balance in health. Often a couple of approaches will be fused to help clients get well.

Some examples include:

• Massage therapy combined with strengthening exercises for lower back pain
• Yoga sequences, massage therapy, and supplements for arthritis
• Yoga therapy and acupressure for insomnia
• Acupressure and yogic breathing practices for asthma
• Yoga movements, shiatsu, and moxa for anxiety.
• Yoga therapy involving movement and meditation practices with dietary shifts for IBS

Brandt works with most conditions and is comfortable referring out for those that he can’t help with. To schedule a time to speak about your issues and see if he can help you please email here.


“Having recently moved back to the Valley, I had my ears open for referrals to a great female massage therapist. My search was intensified when I took a bad fall on a slippery rock while hiking. Though no bones were broken, I was in intense pain for 10 days with a spasm in my pelvic floor. I had no improvement in that time and even to attempt to hold a jug of milk triggered unbearable pain; unnecessary walking was out of the question. My friend Vicki confidently recommended Brandt for massage therapy, and immediately after my first session with him I became a dedicated client! Standing up from the table that day I felt 90% relief. I was so exhilarated that I walked around town just to enjoy feeling my body move comfortably again! In the 5 years since, I’ve regularly gone to Brandt for “tune ups,” and I find that I’m more flexible and balanced than I was even 10-15 years ago, despite my physically demanding job. I feel we are fortunate to have such a highly skilled and sensitive provider here in the valley. “
~Michelle L’Esperance, Certified Professional Midwife


Massage Modalities

Brandt is specifically trained in the following Massage and Bodywork styles.

Medical Massage

Medical Massage refers to massage work that is geared specifically to solve a medical problem. Many Massage Therapists have some training in this area but do not specialize in working with conditions. The goal of medical massage is to alleviate symptoms and help the body heal. Brandt’s medical massage sessions are done on a massage table for 1 to 1.5 hours. Brandt works until change is effected so all time is spent on the problem and related areas.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release works with the idea that if we help reshape fascial (connective tissue) properly, muscles function as they are designed and pain and restriction are lessened. Techniques involve holding areas of constriction for relatively long periods of time until the fascia shifts. Treatments are done on a massage table and no oil is used. Brandt’s medical work is very informed by this style.


Shiatsu is done on a comfortable mat on the floor in comfortable clothing. The goal of a shiatsu session is to balance the organ energies (chinese medicine) through working the meridians (energy lines) of the body. Shiatsu involves massage like techniques and stretching. The theory behind shiatsu comes from chinese medicine – it is another way to allow the body to balance and heal but doesn’t involve needles and herbs. Shiatsu sessions are usually 1 hour and can also be done on a table.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage is an ancient art from Thailand that has seen a resurgence in the last 10 years. Thai massage is done on the floor on a comfortable mat, fully clothed. It combined massage techniques, yoga stretches, and an opening of the Thai energy lines. The best way to describe Thai Massage is “yoga without the effort” or “someone doing yoga to you”. Thai massage has an incredible energy enhancing effect on the body. Brandt uses many Thai techniques in his medical work as well.

Brandt offers trainings in Thai Massage please check our trainings page for details.


Acupressure is based on Chinese Medicine. Probably the best way to think of it is “acupuncture without needles”. Acupressure is useful for a huge range of conditions including

• asthma
• insomnia
• depression
• constipation
• autoimmune disorders