Why do we dream about the past & are following our desires beneficial to our evolution?


Welcome to episode 13 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and meditation podcast.

This episode has been taken from a live Q&A session with Brandt and students inside the Breathing Deeply meditation program. 

In this episode, Brandt covers two students’ questions which address the topics of why we dream about the past more after we start meditating and whether following our desires is beneficial for our evolution.

Sometimes when we have an active dream time we can wake up feeling like we haven’t really slept. In our dreams, we may also have recurring themes of things that happened in our past that keep coming up which we have already moved on from. Brandt explains why this happens within our conscious and unconscious minds.

When it comes to desires, there are many different yogic paths that have rules about what you can and can’t do with your desires. Brandt explains why this is unrealistic as our root desires, such as connection, will continue to manifest in many different ways. Brandt shares how we can follow our desires in a conscious way that is beneficial to all.

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Om Shanthi

Questions covered:

  • Why do we dream about the past a lot when we start a meditation practice?
  • Can following my desires be beneficial to my personal evolution?
Breathing Deeply · Meditation Q&A – Why Do We Dream About The Past & Are Following Desired Beneficial To Our Evolution?

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