Module 7: Business and Yoga Therapy, Working with Athletes, Yoga Therapy Philosophy, Autoimmune Disease, and Scoliosis

October 23-30, 2020
Claverack, NY
Advanced Program |Residential |Module 7
Autoimmune Disease, Philosophical Foundations Of Yoga Therapy, and Scoliosis
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Autoimmune Disease, Philosophical Foundations Of Yoga Therapy, and Scoliosis

Autoimmune Disease

The incidence of autoimmune diseases is rising steadily. This course will explore yoga therapy interventions for autoimmune disease. Students will become familiar with the basic science behind autoimmunity and western approaches to common autoimmune diseases. We will then look at various autoimmune diseases through the BDYT model. Students will practice assessment and how to create working strategies for several autoimmune conditions.

Philosophical Foundations Of Yoga Therapy

As Yoga Therapists, it is important to keep ourselves firmly grounded in the philosophy that eventually birthed yoga therapy. Without this grounding, our work can easily become irrelevant. In this course, we will examine teachings from key texts and how to apply them to our day to day work as healers. Students will learn how to use these concepts for themselves as Yoga Therapists, as well as how to translate textual references for the general population.


Spinal curvatures and scoliosis are a common cause of physical suffering. In this course, students will learn to properly assess spinal curvature and deliver yoga therapy to improve the client’s conditions. Physical and koshic assessment for this condition will be taught. Practices to counter common muscular imbalances and systems to stop or reverse curvature will be discussed. Students will leave with more clarity on how to work with this challenging condition that can be greatly benefited by yoga therapy.