Module 5: Neuroscience & Research, Yoga Therapy for Grief & Loss, and Yoga for Anxiety & Depression

June 3-10, 2022
Claverack, NY
Advanced Program |Residential |Module 5
Pranic Body and Conscious Mind|Brain, neuroscience, research & yoga therapy|Yoga counselling skills for the very ill & end of life|Yoga for anxiety & depression
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Prerequisite: Prerequisite: Complete Through Lesson 40
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Healing Through The Pranic Body and Conscious Mind Weekend #2, Brain, Neuroscience, Research & Yoga Therapy, Yoga Counselling Skills For The Very Ill & End Of Life, and Yoga For Anxiety & Depression

In this weekend course, students will delve deeper by learning advanced techniques for working with the pranic body and conscious mind (Pranayama and Manomaya Koshas). Students will explore practices that affect the 5 pranas for specific disease states. Students will then focus on the application of mantra and chanting for disease states. Time will be allotted for practicing teaching these skills to others.

Brain, Neuroscience, Research & Yoga Therapy

In this course—taught by a seasoned neuroscientist—students will learn how to properly read and evaluate research studies. Students will examine how to integrate vetted knowledge into yoga therapy settings. Students will also be given an overview of the current state of neuroscience research as it relates to yoga and meditation.

Yoga Counseling Skills For The Very Ill & End Of Life

In this course—taught by a grief and loss expert with over 4 decades of yoga study—students will investigate how we as Yoga Therapists can help those nearing the of their time in this form. Students will learn philosophical foundations of death, dying, and grief work. We will learn the 5 needs of grieving people and how to provide practices to integrate and fulfill these needs. We will also examine the end of life from a koshic perspective.

Yoga For Anxiety & Depression

In this course, students will examine strategies for working with clients suffering from anxiety and/or depression based issues. Students will become familiar with western models of treatment and learn to use this knowledge to inform assessments. We will learn assessment and treatment strategies using the koshic and doshic models. Students will be able to integrate this material into the existing understanding of general yoga therapy principles and feel confident working with these common mental health challenges.