Module 4: Trauma, Addiction, and Yoga Nidra for Yoga Therapists

Fall TBD, 2021
Claverack, NY
Advanced Program |Residential |Module 4
Working with the Body and Breath, Trauma, Addiction, and Yoga Nidra for Yoga Therapists
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Prerequisite: Complete Through Lesson 36
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Healing with the Body and Breath Weekend #1, Trauma, Addiction, and Yoga Nidra for Yoga Therapists

This weekend unit presents an opportunity to deepen the skills necessary for working with body and breath. Students will learn to articulate the Joint Freeing Series for therapeutic purposes as well as asana for the doshas. We will examine techniques to correct improper breathing patterns. Advanced muscle testing and postural assessment will be covered.


In this course, students will learn to design yoga therapy programs for clients who are suffering from issues related to trauma. Students will learn about the current science around yoga and trauma and how to integrate this knowledge into the BDYT model. Students will spend time on proper languaging skills for those with trauma issues in order to educate clients safely. Students will become well equipped to work with clients who are suffering from trauma-related imbalances effectively in a one-on-one setting.


This course will examine addictive behavior and yoga therapy interventions. There will be an overview of current addiction treatment models and how yoga therapy can support these models. Students will examine and gain knowledge in addictive behaviors and their roots as well as expression in each kosha while also learning the appropriate interventions for each aspect of the self. Doshic considerations will be touched upon, as well as group protocols.

Yoga Nidra for Yoga Therapists

Yoga Nidra is an extremely powerful tool for healing. When properly taught yoga nidra can be modulated to treat many conditions and imbalances. In this course, we will learn the basic theory behind yoga nidra. We will learn how to adjust yoga nidra to target specific koshas and gain the skills to language yoga nidra instruction appropriately for different condition sets.