Module 1: Back Care, Hips & Shoulders (with Healing through the Body and Breath)

TBD 2025
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Advanced Program |Residential |Module 1
Working with the Body and Breath|Back care|Hips and shoulders
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Healing Through The Body & Breath Weekend

In this Healing with the Body and Breath Weekend, students will investigate techniques to work with the physical body and the breath and learn assessment skills to inform their work with the physical body. The Range of Motion (R.O.M.) assessment and muscle strength testing procedures will be taught. Students will leave with a clear ability to assess and give asana and breathwork recommendations to strengthen muscle groups, improve R.O.M. and give breath instruction that moves clients away from pain. This weekend is considered a foundational module for the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy course.

Back Care

Back pain is one of the leading causes of missed work and visits to the doctor in North America. In this course, students will learn to work with common spine/back pathologies. Students will learn function anatomy as it relates to back pain. We will familiarize ourselves with common pathologies and western diagnoses. We will then learn assessment techniques for different pathologies and how to apply asana and pranayama to help clients. Students will also leave with a clear view of general principles for back care and injury prevention.

Hips and Shoulders

Hips and shoulders are common areas for pain and dysfunction. In this course, we will learn functional anatomy and western diagnosis of common conditions that affect these areas. Students will learn how to work with clients on acute vs chronic issues, as well as, a general overview. We will learn how to work with injuries to hip structures, congenital hip dysplasia, shoulder surgeries, torn rotator cuffs, and frozen shoulder. Students will gain the confidence to assess and provide effective yoga therapy for their clients in this area.