Reality re-examined through the path of non-duality

reality re-examined

​​Welcome to episode 3 of the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and Meditation Podcast!

In this episode, Breathing Deeply Founder & Lead Teacher, Brandt Passalacqua shares a lecture on reality re-examined as part of the Breathing Deeply Online Meditation Retreat.

The reality that we can perceive with our senses is incomplete, there is more to this reality and through philosophical study and meditation, we can expand our awareness to encompass more aspects of reality.

Brandt boils down our perception of reality by examining reality through the lens of non-dual yogic traditions and why we feel there is a void to be filled when we can’t perceive the totality of our reality.

This episode covers the view of reality according to dual and non-dual traditions, the goal of reaching expanded states of awareness, how experiencing reality more fully can help us feel free, and why it is useful to understand these philosophical concepts.

We hope that you enjoy it!

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Om Shanti

Topics covered:

  • Why yogic philosophical texts don’t make sense
  • The reality most of us perceive is incomplete
  • How our misidentification of reality causes suffering
  • The path of seeing everything as an illusion (Maya)
  • The Tantrik non-dual understanding of the nature of reality
  • Seeking expanded states of awareness
  • The importance of meditation for accessing the fullness of reality
  • Why we study philosophical concepts
Breathing Deeply · Reality Re-Examined Through The Path of Non-Duality

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