Brandt’s Private Sessions

Brandt works privately as a yoga therapist.

What does that mean? Good Question.

A yoga therapist is trained to use yogic knowledge to help you with specific conditions.  Since yoga is concerned with treating the whole person – a yoga therapist helps people find health through physical practices, breathing practices, meditation practices and philosophy.A yogic therapists main goal is to help you find a way to ease your suffering.

This may sound esoteric – but it’s actually quite practical.

Brandt currently works with people with a very wide variety of complaints.  Just a few examples would include:


chronic injuries

Chronic Fatigue syndrome





Overweight and eating disorders of all kinds (see

Brandt also offers instruction on meditation, and yoga practice.

All are welcome


*My office is located on Main Street in Northampton, MA. I also offer phone and videoconferencing sessions.

Contact Brandt for more information or to arrange a phone interview.