Presence During Difficult Times

I wanted to reach out and send our hope that you, your families, and communities are staying safe and healthy as we collectively endure this global pandemic.

The pandemic we are now experiencing is extremely challenging.

Lives are disrupted. People are suffering. People are sick and dying.

Fear of the future is permeating our collective atmosphere.

It would be difficult to not have any reaction to all of this.

We may find ourselves distracted from the present—from the collective hum of anxiety that is permeating the atmosphere right now.

I am personally experiencing all of these things in and around me.

My mind is moving very quickly making decisions, taking in information, figuring out how to help my family, wanting to get relief by distraction from news, food, anything that will change my state.

And my practice teaches me that I can handle all of these states.

I can be worried confused angry and just plain fearful while also understanding that these states will come and go.

The underlying felt sense of presence is available to me whenever I choose to engage with it.

It’s available to all of us.

Practice is based on presence. Being in the present moment and expanding our perception brings us peace, joy, and contentment.

It shows us our connection to all things, and in doing so allows us to bear difficult emotions and circumstances.

Practice is a gift that allows us to access what is our birthright, to feel and experience the present moment which is filled with all things.

This includes the peace and bliss that we all crave especially during difficult times.

I invite you to practice with me. Start with a 30-Day FREE Meditation Course trial.

Let’s practice together in this small way and contribute to balancing our own states as well as those around us.

Om Shanti

Brandt Passalaqua
Director and Lead Teacher, Breathing Deeply

Info Session

Brandt talks about common questions applicants have about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program. Tune in to get the full program details.