How to find radical balance by harmonizing the koshas & doshas


Welcome to episode 11 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and meditation podcast.

In this episode, Breathing Deeply Founder, Brandt Passalacqua offers foundational information to help us understand the koshas, which are the 5 aspects of the self, and the doshas, which are the 3 elemental energies that we are constituted from.

Learn about the koshas and the doshas and discover why it is so important for each of us to determine which of these are imbalanced within us and how to bring them back into balance through the practices that the yoga tradition offers us.

This clip was taken from the introductory video to prepare students for our free 6-week course, The Radically Balanced Yogi.

To dig deeper into the koshas & doshas and learn which koshas and doshas may be out of balance for you, along with practices to bring them back into harmony, sign up for our free 6-week course, The Radically Balanced Yogi. Each week we cover a different kosha & offer practices to help you tailor a personal yoga practice for yourself and find radical balance on every layer of your being. 

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Om Shanthi

This episode covers:

  • What the five different koshas are
  • Why it is important to balance each kosha
  • What the three doshas are
  • Signs each dosha is in balance & out of balance
  • Balancing the doshas within each kosha

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Breathing Deeply · How To Find Radical Balance By Harmonizing The Doshas & Koshas

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