How to balance the doshas in the energetic body with pranayama

How to balance the doshas in the energetic body with pranayama

Welcome to episode 47 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and Meditation podcast.

Prana is the life force that animates everything. This includes everything external to us and everything within ourselves. It is infinite and it’s all about flow throughout the body. 

Since prana is infinite and it’s everywhere, we don’t need to generate more of it, we just need to let it flow through our energetic and physical system. 

Breath is one way we interact with prana outside our body and depending on how we breathe we can change the way prana moves in, out, and around our own body. 


There are specific pranayama exercises that one can practice to influence the way that prana moves through our system in different ways. It is through these breathing practices that we can balance energies in our system which may have become out of balance. 

Listen to this episode to learn about the pranic body, pranayama and three specific practices to balance and sensitize us to each of the three doshas: Vata, pitta and kapha.

The Radically Balanced Yogi

This episode was taken as an excerpt from our free 6-week course the Radically Balanced Yogi! To receive the specific pranayama practices for each dosa from Brandt as mentioned in the video, sign up now for free!

Inside the Radically Balanced Yogi, we dive deep into finding balance in all aspects of the self!

To learn about radical balance in the physical body through asana, check out episode 41 “How To Balance The Doshas In The Physical Body” here.

Om Shanthi

This episode covers: 

  • What is prana?
  • The nadis & kundalini energy
  • Breath regulation and the mastery of pranayama
  • Pranayama for kapha
  • Pranayama for pitta
  • Pranayama for vata
  • How to use the three pranayamas for the doshas
Breathing Deeply · How To Balance The Doshas In The Energetic Body With Pranayama

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