How to balance the chakras with yoga therapy

balance the chakras

Welcome to episode 35 of The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and Meditation podcast.

In this episode, Brandt covers chanting and the chakras through the lens of the manomaya kosha (the mind). 

This is another way to educate the mind as we do with yoga philosophy. We can chant with the chakras to bring balance to the manomaya kosha.

If you look at the charka model, we could say that if our minds aren’t properly connected, disharmony and disease result. One doesn’t have to do chakra work & chanting to have a harmonious system, it is simply another way to work with disharmony and disease. This is why we work with the chakra system in yoga therapy.

During this episode, Brandt covers the purpose of chanting with the chakras, the basics of the energy body & what the chakras are, and the benefits of harmonizing the chakras. Brandt also goes over each of the 7 chakras individually, covering their function, seed sound, and how to visualize them.

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Om Shanthi, Om Peace 

This episode covers: 

  • The purpose of chanting
  • The chakra model
  • When chakras are imbalanced
  • What the chakras are in general
  • How to visualize each chakra
  • The seed bija mantra for each chakra
  • What each chakra relates to
  • What happens if each chakra is in or out of balance
Breathing Deeply · How To Balance The Chakras With Yoga Therapy

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