Get the Radically Balanced Yogi. For Free.

Do you run a yoga studio?
Give your teachers the gift of Radical Balance for Free!

Are you an Independent yoga teacher with 100 or more people on your mailist?
Take the Radically Balanced Yogi at no cost.

If you are in charge of a yoga studio or a thriving yoga teacher with a mailist that you communicate with regularly, here is what to do to become Radically Balanced starting March 1st, for free.

In exchange, please help spread the word about this awesome new course in 2 simple steps!

Step One: Register.

Fill out this simple form to register your teachers (and self) for the Radically Balanced Yogi. Please make sure to provide us with each email of those you’re registering!

Step Two: Spread the word.

  1. Promote us in your studio newsletter and download this promotional flyer for your studio
  2. Share the Radically Balanced Yogi course event on your business Facebook page
  3. Drop us an email here and let us know what you did and put us on your newsletter list

That’s it! Give your teachers a chance to deepen their practice for free and spread the word for others to participate, learn, and grow their practice. Brandt has been teaching and practicing yoga therapy for over a decade and this course is a culmination of years of study. We hope you will give your teachers (and self!) the much needed continuing education and support. (At no cost!)

 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!